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hi there everyone.

I am new o this site, and found you after doing some google searches.
the reason we have been searching the web, is that we have had suspicions about our daughter for a while now, and we had been advised by a profesional we know to look up "crystal child".
they could not go into it any further, as this advice was given by a profesional, who is not allowed to express any forms of preference, and just kindly informed us that we hadnt been given the tip-off by them lol.

anyway, back to the point.

we have noticed a lot of... well, i hate to call them strange or weird, but definatly different behaviour with our daughter.

she is now 2 years old, and is very special to us. and she is such a loving child. she is calm most of the time, and has a really good knowledge and understanding of things. We have often noticed her chatting to empty spaces, be it at home, in the car, at the shops... she can regularly be seen trying to hold conversation with ... well.... we dont know.

another thing we have started to notice very recently is an ability to fortell what is about to happen... here are some examples....

1. she is watching a childerens cartoon on the telly, and a character comes walking out of the house carrying a cake. our daughter instantly says "on the head". about 5 seconds later on the programme, another character comes running round the corner, bumping into the cake carrier... cake goes flying in the air... and lands "on the head"!!!! this is the first showing of this programme, not a repeat, and no adverts run for it on the channel.

2. we are driving in our car, and pull up to some traffic lights in a que of traffic. after about 5 seconds, our daughter says "go" and at that point, the lights start to change. 10 mins later, we get caught in another set of lights.. this time, some 40/45 seconds passes until our daughter says "go" and again, at that point, the lights change. to do this once could be co-incidense, but twice, and with different time spans, made us stop and think.

another thing about our daughter is her amazing ability to get attention wherever she is. we get strangers walking up to us to tell us how beautiful she is (not sure if this happens to many people) and she always gets the attention from shop workers, people at bus stops, pretty much everyone she comes into contact with just has the need to talk to her, and enjoy her smile. (doesnt help that she is a big flirt with the guys lol). when on our last holiday, she was being given gifts in shops by shop owners, and waiters would rush out with extra helpings (free of charge) of anything she seemed to like. it seems that everyone just wants to help her and talk with her as much as possible.

there are just so many things, i could sit here typing all night, but it would possibly become boring reading, so i will leave it at that for now.

really, what we need to know is....

1. how do we tell if she is a true crystal child (if she sounds at all like one)?

2. once we know, is there special things we need to do to allow her to fully flourish without hinderance?

3. well, i have so many questions, they will come in time, but for now, will leave it at that.

there is so much info on the forum that for someone new to this idea of thinking, it is pretty hard to figure out exactly what or how or why to do things (if that makes sense) being that although yes, both my partner and i are very open minded people, and do share many thoughts that differ from the general public, this is all so new.

any help, guidance, advice or anything come to think of it, would be greatly appreciated, as we have only really just started down this line of enquiery.

hope to speak to you all again soon.
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welcome djyorkie

I did some smart things and some not so smart in raising my girls. But this is what I learned.

1. Talk about it. The magical is ordinary so make it a central part of conversation.

2. Be your child's advocate as she negotiates through those imperfect systems (schools, classes, etc.).

3. Hold on for the ride of a lifetime!
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we were pretty much thinking down those lines. and as for hang on, well, think my knuckles are white already. she has just been coming on in leaps and bounds. she learns new words after only hearing them once (or if at all). and since she has started using proper language, is when we have noticed these things more.
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to be honest, i dont think it is us that is doing anything special.

think it is more like her showing us the way.
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if she is crystal, you may have your hands full...lol-

I suggest a dog- hahaha

Sorry, im technically, not anything really, i stay away from labels, because it is my beleif, that there are major companies making gobs of money, because people are gullible.

Your daughter, i feel is very gifted, -
My advice, is stay away from buying books on indigo, and everything.
There are guides for her on that sorta thing-
Sounds too me, like she knows they are there now...

Most of the time, by my understanding, Arch gabriel, and Arch Raphael, are the major spirt guides, from everyone ive talked too, they have one or the other, and sometimes both.

Of course thier are animal guides too... but thats a differnent matter they are exchangeable once they are no longer needed.

Like i said, you would want to stay away from the books, and all of that other crap, because well, its a big marketing scheme, sylvia browne-- hehehehe

Now she's a capitalist...


Take care, and many blessings

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well, we are never in a position to go throwing money away on anything. we have always felt there are websites and forums on all subjects (hence we are here).

whether her "companions" she speaks to are guides,company or imaginary is anyones guess. her language skills havent really quiet reached the point where she can have full conversations with you.
even when she is talking to thin air, it is still more of a babble with the odd words thrown in.

oh she is a handfull alright.
always experimenting, always jumping around the flat and on the furniture, always expressing her artistic talent with pens (that we dont even know how she gets, as they are always outa her reach lol) and a constant craving for information, attention, cuddles, and interaction of any kind.
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after having a problem with our pic host today, i needed to remove the pic i am affraid. sorry.

anyway, thanks for the advice so far...

the journal is a great idea, and we'll be starting that very soon.

i tried that link, but only found it to be a page with links in, and some didnt seem appropriate for the type of site it should be. we will have a look around the net though, with the help of our good friend google. never really thought about special books for children (ours just loves books and likes nothing more than cuddling up with a stack full to go through lol) so worth a look into.

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Your little girl sounds so adorable. I dont know maybe its just me, Im not sure if she is Indigo or Crystal, Starseed, ect. I would just keep doing what you are doing, if she is Indigo, she will probably be more emotional as she gets older, if she is Crystal, she will probably seem as if nothing gets her down. Thats what I focus on, my boys self esteem. Indigo children seem to have an awareness for empathy and understanding wise beyond their years. (yours is 2, so you probably notice if she comforts people, or is protective and loveable alot) There's so many things really. At 2years of age, I just took mine out alot, so that he could have a good base to learn communication and social skills and had plenty of oppertunities to play with other children, but he always wanted to hang out with the adults. He had loads of books and often liked to be read to, he learned spanish when he was 3 from Dora the Explorer, and they also taught it in his pre school classroom. My youngest learned to talk when he was 6 mos old, he started saying one worded sentences and then full sentences at a year old, very very fast learner in speech, but I talked very early too. My other has autism and didnt learn to talk for a long time. Watching them, it is like looking at the differences of Indigo and Crystal children. They balance each other out pretty good. If you have any specific or certain questions, just ask....that should break things down alittle bit and be helpful in answering questions as you go along. (I saw the cutest little girl at the beach today, about 2, twirling around in her bikini and tu tu..lol)
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Your little one is wonderful! I agree pretty much with the other posts (though I do believe a book here and there on the subject may be helpful--the library is a good starting point and of course the Internet is great too). Continue to be supportive. If your daughter is happy and thriving and it sounds like she is, don't panic that she's got gifts not all of us possess. It sounds like you're doing a great job.

Since she's acquiring language, you might try asking her who is she talking with. She may be able to communicate it with just a couple of words. Ask her do they have a name? Is she talking to a boy, girl, etc.

Take it day by day--and don't worry.

Warm regards : - >
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One thing I suggest, and I suggest this with any child, is to be honest, and truthful, and trusting with them. What do I mean? Santa Clause, if she walks up to you in a couple years, and asks you about santa claus, give her the truth. Any question shes asks, try to answer it truthfully. Also, the baby talk stuff, yea it's cute every now and then, but don't constantly do it, she's learning and growing, and baby talk only slows the process.

The most important time of development is now until she's 5. The limbic system is forming now, and this will decide her behavior and emotions for the rest of her life, it's the part of the brain that's constantly trying to take over.
For example, when she's 4, in her eyes she sees that clapping is bad. In the future, clapping is going to invoke negative emotions. There's no gray area or conscious reasoning in the limbic system, it's either good or bad, and that's what she's forming now.

Other than that, love, just give love, from the sounds of it you two have that covered.

Welcome and good luck. Hope I could lend some advice.
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HI I pretty much agree with Flaming Arrow except baby talk helps develop language skills. It's good to encourage the little one to vocalize and imitate you. Keep supporting her and know you are doing a great job for your girl! A sweet baby couldn't ask for better parents. Congrats to you!
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well, baby talk has been pretty much by-passed. although she does not use a lot of words in her sentence, she does grasp the sound of a word and very quick... i.e. she only had to hear us say alligator once, and she repeated it pretty correctly. it took us by surprise lol.
thanks for all the tips and advice so far. we are pretty much just reading over it a few times, and trying to digest it all. also looking round in the other posts to see if we can pick up any tips.
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