Hello to everyone :D

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, we're all friendly here.
Hey :D

I realized I started posting but I hadn't even made an introduction thread yet. So heres me! I'm 18, a guy and I live in The Netherlands. I love it here, but I want to go traveling and see the world!

I always felt different through my whole life and I never really 'fitted' in. I tried though, and it worked for a while. But now I try only to stay true to myself and I won't change myself for the benefit of society. Been through bad.. and good. I'm comfortable with myself now and about half a year ago I started reading this stuff about indigos and I just knew by myself that it was real and that I was one of them. I'm not too concerned with labels and names though, we are all the same.

I'm very very happy to have found this place, there are so many great and lovely people here! After I made a few posts I was already welcomed by so many people and I got great reactions - I really did not expect that. I hope to become a part of this family and I to see you all around :)

If there is anything you'd want to know about me, feel free to ask I have nothing to hide.

Peace and Love!

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Hi xxx
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viva la wind power!!!:!:!:!:!:!:!:

I already know you though but hi again
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by Dannii
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Welcome :D
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Hi Thyrin! Welcome!
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