Leaving IS for a bit.

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Leaving IS for a bit. «  » by Alt lys er svunnet hen
hey guys im going back to my dads i wont be here this weekend but i will the weekend after that so ill be back in about two weeks so just given all my friends a heads up keep it cool dont leave or ever and try not to fight how can we bring the new age of peace while we are fighting its inpossible. keep it cool when you get pissed listen to this song it calms me down YouTube - Imagine

Imagine all the people,Living for today
Imagine there isno countrys,it isnt hard
to do nothing to kill or die for
and no religion to.
Imagine all the people lving life in peace
you may say im a dreamer
but im not the only one
i hope some day you join us
and the world will be at one
Imagine peace on Indigo society
Thank you,Alt lys er svunnet hen.
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