Hey Daniel Why I Use The Ignore List Buttin and My Own Reasons Why I Do

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[FONT="Impact"][SIZE="6"]Hey Daniel Why I Use The Ignore List Buttin and My Own Reasons Why I Do!!!![/SIZE][/FONT]

Well Daniel I do use my Ignore List Buttin and there's one person I do use it for and its Illuminati becuse he has herassed me and has mocked me in evryone of my posts and threads I had made and the posts I had posted in other peoples threads as well.

I am asking that be make it in such a way that they cant reply in my threads and only I can allow those who want to post a reply in my own threads thank you Daniel and Daniel I realy do miss Patryc I wish he could come back both Patryc and you yourself Daniel and others here Have been so kind to everybody here I love that.

Both UntoldGlory and Illuminati are or have both been invloved in this together I am asking for your help and making this public record to the unture forum I am asking you with a heart felt understanding and love and compassion please I ask that you do somthing to make things a little better then they were before.
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