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Dear ones,

Grow, develop into who you are meant to be. Be yourself. Shine brightly. We are all special and unique individuals ...each specialising in a different chosen field. Some of you may be healers, some may be artists, some may be doctors or nurses. Know that what ever field you are in you are in it because you are needed. Some of you may begin to branch out from your chosen careers and find new ways of looking at things. You may find new tools and new ways of diagnosing things. This is the way of the future. You are free at the momment to explore a variety of resources that will soon be much needed. Think creatively. Think beautifully. We know you have it in you to do this. You are all so brave to partake in this evolution on earth and we praise you for it. You are the leaders of forethought, the pioneers of new ideas...each individual and important in their own right. Be blessed and know that we are always looking out for you...forever filling your minds with new ideas and love.

-the angels
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Thank you the angels for that, I always like good news.
Thanks also Ocean_Waves19161
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