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Juju and Mojo bags... «  » by TheRavenMother
Does anyone know anything about juju and mojo bags?

For example... when someone makes one for you, and you have it for 6yrs like me... is it true you must never look inside the bag? even though its yours?

I dont know anything about them... but I have this compelling feeling to look inside my bag after all this time!
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«  » by Sephish
Even if they mean nothing, I wouldn't look in it, lol... Sounds like a bad horror movie :D And if you have had it for six or so years, it probably has built up some sort of power of it's own...
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«  » by Lynx
I've never heard of these kind of bags, but I have made little pouches before for my mother for various reasons. I would fill them with things that would have some kind of spiritual significance to whatever reason the pouch was made. They weren't called juju or mojo bags though, and that "don't look in it" rule didn't exist. What are these bags; what are they for?
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