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bear with me this is my third time writing this, I am on a new laptop lol and its doiing funky things in the dark.

There are many different ideas on what people mean by god. He is the omnipotent white bearded guy, he is many different gods and goddess, he is in all of us, and we are all gods, he is everywhere, heshe it is indeed the most enigmatic force that has captured humanity without any proof or public understanding, or it is indeed a personal quest to understand what god means to you. there are many different cultures, ages, and religions out there that all thought they know for sure what god is to them, and it was thier truth so it was right. I think all religion ect touched on some fundamental truth of what god really is, they all have something in common.

What I have come to believe about God, is that he is the highest archetype below the Divine or the Source. I am really realizing the importance of using and recognizing archetypes in our lives. The God and Goddess archetype are similar but very different and each embody characteristics which need eachother and when one is ignored can be very unbalanced. This is one reason I believe the world is in such a state today. I think that we are all created with the potential for each and every archetype in us, and that the Divine has all this in it and more than we can concieve as well. We all have god,ess potential in us, and everything that archetype carries with it...

I am typing weary the first ones were better, I could add later, or if someone wants to ad (or argue haha) fly at it!
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by sudden
I'm opening up to the belief of God. I know God is something it's hard for me with the belief at the moment. I'd given in to Faith and Soul, God is something else to me. Something higher. I think i'll do this today?
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I really think that our understanding and experience of God is evolving, just as we are constantly evolving. Maybe it takes many lifetimes to absorb how immense the concept of God/Goddess is.

What I have been slowly beginning to realise is that the greatness and wonder of what makes God is also a part of me. That understanding could not have been possible 100 years ago. Certainly not for a Christian and definitely not a woman.

Yet here we all are, able to believe and do as we chose to grow and expand. What a gift it is to be alive at this time.
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by danz
To reduce God to a state of lesser Human is the true wastefulness... there.
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