What do you think of Dr. Deagle?

Have you heard about those government cover ups? What about x, y, z? Yep, it's all in here.
Here is a video, part of a series of videos about various conspiracies. Does it ring true? What is truth, what is lies?

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He's onto something...but he's got a bit of bias in his speech. Also he's not bein very subtle calling humanity arrogant etc. It's not just because we are arrogant, is because we just literally don't know any better (the common person). He's right about much of his stuff though..

His perceptions are a bit skewed and biased. Good information can be extracted, but it will prove difficult for most people.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]He is right about crop circles. He is right about scalar technology. He is right bout the spiritual war. he is right about montauk. He is right about archetypes. You would call these symbols, Geomancies, or Conscious Codes.

We are no different than these archetypes! We ARE symbols/geomancies!

Actually: Generally he is right. He puts the pieces together and gives you his version. Which is similar to many of ours who have searched in all "crevices." You can tell he has searched all measures of religion, and understands the basic concepts spiritually and how it applies to us, NWO, aliens and the likes.

Which is %100 better than most people who speak of such things. As such, he will be ridiculed by others. Sad.
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