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As an Indigo Empath I felt it was fitting that I study to become a mental health professional. I wanted to help people. My second year at college, I was sitting in my Abnormal Psych class and the professor asked a poignant question.

She said," How many of you are here to help other people?"
Only 5 hands went up in a class of about 25.
Then she asked, " How many of you are here because it is cheaper than therapy?"
Nearly every hand but 3 went up.

This was , of course, my own personal experience. I'm not trying to diminish the many therapists and psychiatrist that do an excellent job of compassionately serving mankind.
I just want to point out that the therapist diagnosing you may have fallen in to the job as a result of trying to self treat in college.

Another fascinating fact I picked up in college was a study done on the success rate of recovering from mental illness. Troubled people who talked it out with the help of friends and family recovered 80% of the time, while patients in the care of a professional recovered less than 15% of the time.

Hear me out on this one folks. Whenever you are in crisis, you owe it to yourself to reach out for help any way you can. There are lots of options out there, naturopaths, clergy, family, friends, clinics, doctors, shaman, and spirit guides. I feel there is no shame in trying to find answers and getting second or third opinions. You are a unique treasure and wroth the effort to find wholeness and happiness.
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OH yes... I am crazy! Please call me crazy!;)

I have been diagnosed with PPD, DID, depression...

I have been told that I am bipolar, a sociopath, a narcicist, and apperently my behaviors fall under abnormal psychology for some:)

Please see my thread Sati if you haven't already "crazy beautiful" and join me in celebrating being crazy if you like:D
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No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.
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i was given maybe slight ocd adhd and they were by actaul doctors not self diagnoses well maybe ocd was
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" wrote:According to the PDocs, I'm psychotic. Or was. First they said I was catatonic. Then I was schizophrenic (which is not multiple personality disorder, as many mistakenly believe). Now I'm bi-polar. Lol - the doctors can't make up their silly little minds.

I think that if we're diagnosed and misdiagnosed so many times, there isn't anything WRONG with us.

DID is the multiple-personality-disorder. And that's incredibly difficult to diagnose. hahaha...I just admit that I'm not the only one in my head.
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" wrote:According to the PDocs, I'm psychotic. Or was. First they said I was catatonic. Then I was schizophrenic (which is not multiple personality disorder, as many mistakenly believe). Now I'm bi-polar. Lol - the doctors can't make up their silly little minds.

Thanks to the Mental Health Industry (yeah, industry!), I'm basically unable to enter my natural state any more. Risperidone, an antipsychotic medication, has taken away all of my peace and joy, and my ability to feel anything, really. It has completely killed my spirit, which everyone said was immortal.

It really is sad how many spiritual awakenings are misinterpreted as psychotic breaks and heavily medicated. It's probably true that people who fit into the indigo category are diagnosed with mental illness more often than the rest - just go up to a psychiatrist and tell him anything out of the ordinary. If you're not arrested or certified into a mental hospital and put on soul-extinguishing medications on the spot, or just put on the meds, they will at least strongly suggest that you take something. Probably something horrible.

And that about sums up the Mental Health Industry. Sane, spiritually conscious doctors are few and far apart.

Sorry for the negativity, but I had to say it. :D

That was a great post. I actually liked the negativity to it, cause to me it is not negativity, but the reflection of reality.
I especially like the avatar and the name of the member, that wrote the post.
for me it was like, those that suffer the most, have the highest hopes and the clearest view.

As for my little self: I was diagnosed schizoaffective (that's basically schizophrenic) and bipolar.
and I agree, that spiritual awakening is labeled as mental illness.
or actually processes of self-healing is labeled as mental illness.

that's as far as I see that.
at the moment I am in a time of big change, that's why I feel very speed-hearted. the wings of my heart swing in a much higher frequency than they used to, cause I am about to take more control of my life.
I don't know if I can stay save from the shrinks this time and forever, but I hope so.
I am on meds, too.
I hope one day to come away from them.


PS: I love it, that here are so many with similar experiences.
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" wrote:

When I wanted to leave my husband I went to see a therapist. I sat down on the first day, so excited someone may help me crawl my way out of this hell I found myself in or put myself in, whichever. He told me to give him a life history. It took 45 mins and I summarized. By the time I finished he looked at me like I had told him a horror story, eyes dazed, mouth open. He said, "I don't think I can help you". LOL NO referral, no where to turn, just cannot help me.

there you go. and I have my own theory, why so many therapists cannot help their patients for real. it's simply because they have never felt the pain, that a true mad person experiences. I saw so many fotos of those oh so happy and optimistic therapists. they radiate happiness. but they are only happy, cause they have never experienced the seriousness of life as some of us here on IS have. that's how I see it.
they had an easy life, and they cannot think outside the box.
I hate many therapists for their slack attitude towards their profession. they may be helpful to some amount, but they are nothing against a real shaman.
I just read a book about shamans in russia. it was incredible. they therapize so much MUCH more effective than ANY psychiatrist with his medication.
they CAN really cure. all that psychiatrists say to you is: take your meds until you die and you'll be fine.
and that's the solution?
I think not.
that's just plain idiocy.

I have a plan. I wanna become a healing practitioner for psychotherapy.
I believe (!?) that I can help people so much more than e.g. my actual (me-treating) psychotherapist. she is helpful, and I feel better after I've been with her, but she never even slightly touches, what really IS me.
I am from germany and here things are different, than in the USA.
maybe we can share our ideas. I hope I can be of good use in this forum, and I feel, how this is really good here.

thank you.

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me too... hyperactive and attention deficit....when it is actually the opposite...
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