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I made this thread to apologise to friends on here for not being talkative for the past month with them; there is nothing they have done at all, just I have genuinely been busy lately -
I am trying to look for a job, deal with difficult situations in my family, writing a book to help everyone on this long and winding path we are all experiencing, dating a guy who also needs a lot of attention, getting over my phobias, getting over illnesses and injuries I keep having lately, getting clarity on the visions I keep getting still and finding answers of past ones, I have a new puppy which also needs attention as shes in for training as an agility dog, I try and post in my spare few minutes online to keep people posted on whats up - but personal MSN conversations are really difficult right now.
It's best to catch me up on my diaries, posts on here, and text me on the phone once in a while is fine.
I just feel this thread needs to be written as there is a lot of people demanding my attention lately - theres like 40 important people in my life right now and its hard to fit you all in, especially when there is such a big gap between us all - this is why I am trying to stress the importance of gathering together within local areas of each other on a permanent basis, to make it easier for communication and fulfilling our own missions.
I miss the lot of you, greatly, and it seems ironic that when most of you are online a lot of the time, and I am busy you want to talk - when I finished what I need to do, you have all gone offline - hehe, you all seem to pick the exact same time to contact me too.
Not getting at you all, at all. Just letting you know what's up.
Also when I am called by my parents, its in my best interest to say "sorry got to go" and just leave without asking me why etc, because I live with difficult people - all of you know this... so please dont think its rude when I just go and your posting me 5 messages after I signed out.
This is an apology - it's made public, because I cannot tell you all individually theres too many of you and you will need explanations which take time :(
sorry xx

I am trying to make time for you all honestly - but I am serious about fulfilling my mission and I dont let things get in the way of that... but as I said before, its really hard because there is such huge distances between my team and I and each other.
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by suzi75
just 4 u 2 know..
we fell u and undrestand.
it can be transcribed almost literally to ourseleves, and the feeling behind that all is very familiar.
the day has not got enought hours....

:-) :D
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