Do baby's souls go other places?

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I remember things frmo when I was a baby to great detail just like it just happened and it was literally like I sometimes would see myself from outside of my body and it was like my soul wouldnot be in my body and I would come back frmo some othe rplace and re enter my body..Do baby's souls leave or something a lot? Is that why they act the way they do sometimes, like zombies, because their soul is somewhere else? I literally remember as a baby, I was able to think in full sentences just like how I talk now, but I didn't really understand what was going on, I could think, but most of the time my mind was just blank, I could think , but I couldn't talk at all.
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It's possible.

From what I think is true, babies aren't able to house the full spirit...some can with specific dna. And as indigos we are more "in" than most people as babies. I have memories from that period of my life too..very vague ones..because my mind had not developed the necessary cognition to completely "decipher" visual stuff into memory..but I have memories nevertheless, in particular about what you mentioned..thinking.....

It is because, as most will realize through astral or near death experiences. Even outside of your body, you still have consciousness, you still thought. It's just much different, it's not clouded by the physical body.

That is an interesting concept and I wonder if it's true.
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by james
Use the word spirit as from this dimension you cannot access your soul. In some cases just like adult's and children's, baby's spirits can venture out from their bodies.
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