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"Battle in Seattle" movie «  » by Astara
Anyone ever heard of this or seen it? I never had until this past weekend when I was browsing through Netflix streaming and came across it. I proceeded to watch it and seriously, I am so thankful and happy that I did!!! It is a GREAT movie and highly recommended for Indigos or really any environmentally friendly, progressive peoples.


It is a fictional movie that deals with a real life event. I enjoyed this part most about it because it wasn't dry like documentaries usually are and it certainly was full of power and emotion which I feel this travesty deserves. It follows a grassroots organization that is protesting the WTO conferences that were held in Seattle, WA in the mid-90's during the Clinton administration. As you may or may not know, the peaceful protests didn't go over so well because of the unhindered and gross police brutality the city took against the protestors. Riots broke out on the streets of Seattle, the mayor called in the National Guard and enacted martial law basically. The violence and downright hatred shown by the Seattle police force is a stain upon our country and unfortunately, it's not the first time nor was it the last time that this god awful force was used on American citizens. I hope you watch it, feel it, and realize that the militant police forces of America CAN be stopped and their actions can be righted once they begin to work from a place of ethical justice....we'll see if that ever happens. I have hope, as I always do though. Anyways, I highly recommend it!!!!!!

Here's a link to a free copy online: [url="http://www.eatlime.com/video/alli-bi...0-980FDDFE1CE6"]http://www.eatlime.com/video/alli-bi...0-980FDDFE1CE6[/url]

Also there are some awesome quotes from this movie...one of my fav's was towards the end and one of the main protestor girls says "We fight with our voice because we don't want the beautiful things to go away." It rings very true for me...

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«  » by Cuquicuchi
Thanks Astara :) I'm marking it for future view, now I'm sleepy zzzzzzzzz
I love to watch movies and it's very nice of you to share it w/ us :)
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