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Lies decete and a bunches of harassment and to report spamming of my Pleiadian thread so I need my Fellow Indigo's to help me out spitiually for this planet Earth he is trying to derail this particular thread of mine with abunch if harassments and spamming of my most valuable emporten thread.

Post: I Am A Pleiadian Learn From Me Becuse I Will Teach You The Pleiadian Way
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Posted by: h0bby1
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[;528823][FONT=Century Gothic]Hahahahahah LOL I Am Laughing At Your Stupidity Right Now.!!!!!!!!!!!!![/FONT]

well at least i'm happy you can have a good laugth about it lol :) but well it does not change the point of my post neither the fact that you systematically avoid any answer that is not totally conforting your little ego who think that all his dream and vision are real and worthy to hate and insult directly some real persons .. without a single bit of 'reality checking' or any sort, and even if someone tell you are somewhat wrong, you just skip it and call your dear moderators, and not listening to any human of this planet :)

so please do not tell me you fight for human, because you are actually fighting AGAINST human, and pretty much any human of this site and 75% of the human of the world with it :)[/quote]
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