best antidote to human fear

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by Sephish
Laughter is pretty much a cure-all for anything bothering you, though sometimes it's tough to find humor in difficult situations.
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by Akilein
Humour, selflove and the twinkling eye from the distance.
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by Veisha
Laughter isn't really an antidote, it's rather a 'layer' to hide this fear.

Best antidote?

Courage- face the fear if possible or just admit that you are scared, accept it and do your job even if you are afraid.

Friends- think that you aren't alone and you always can rely on someone who will never leave you alone

Aim- it's easier to go through all terrifying things if you care about something you will achieve after facing something you are afraid of.

Belief- trust yourself that no matter what happens you are strong enough to handle it, so you don't need to be scared of anything.
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I love to laugh Zaher! And yes it can reduce fearful feelings (in the moment), as well as feelings of anger and sadness.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR][QUOTE=Sephish;532993] sometimes it's tough to find humor in difficult situations.[/QUOTE]

True for me, there are some things that I don't find funny, and some things that I don't even want to see as funny.
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by wolf89
i think that one way to stop fear is to love it .You can fear somethign that you love .IF you have fear and start loving it love will cancel fear and you will not fear it .That;s what i do :P .I love death sow i do not fear death , i love all negative beings sow i do not fear them .
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by nathan
i love fear!! makes me stronger to become the man i am!! without fear i would be a dangerous!! fear is just a wall stopping me from passing through!
to break fear is an accomplishment!:D
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by Amoeba
As someone who experiences unusually high amounts of fear, I've tried all the normal "tricks" to handle fear, laughter, facing it, seeking support, etc. When those failed, a few unconventional tricks such as imagery and metaphors also proved useless.

Fear is fear, you can't hide it or run away from it. You can't use tricks to cover it up. You can only experience it, and take what you can from the experience. It's learning how to cope with the fear that must be overcome, not getting rid of the fear. Over time I've begun to realise it's not as negative as it's made out to be, it's possible to experience it without getting physically poorly from it, and it's all to do with coping. It can be a positive experience as long as you don't let it make you ill.
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by illus
I think there's more than one way to handle fear. Most people like to laugh when they are uncomfortable or afraid of something. Others, bite their lip, i am assuming to distract themselves from focusing more on the fear in their head lol. I solution is always to find the root of it, take time and think it over, sometimes search the contents of my memory, and when I find it go back in time in my mind and recreate the event or change my perception of it, the person and or my self in that situation. It's a process but it usually works for me.
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by Amur
Once you got 12 feet big demons roaring above and around you reflecting your worst fears (emotional things that have happened in your life-time that has left a Mark) I'm sure you don't think first about laughing.... You can try to laugh but I doubt it will help... You can try to pray but that will only prolong the problem if the praying doesn't make them become one with you.

Funny what kind of astral forms Fear can give ;)
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by Heathra
ALCHOHOL! Is fear's worst enemy:), especially when combined with love and faith;)
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Best antidote? If you can find the fear's fear, that's it. :)
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