"The One Thing" "Perfect for Me"

The creativity in all of us transpires here.
"The One Thing"

you are all my hopes and dreams
my family, my fun
you've done so many amazing things for me
and I could never thank you enough
but I can hold you close
and I can hope for years to come with you
sweet beautiful one
you're the one
your body pulled me in
but your mind trapped my soul
I've lived so long
and I've seen so much
but the one thing I've always wanted
but never got to do
is just relax with you
"Perfect for Me"

you're the only one who's ever told me they believe in me
you're the first one to see me for the human I am
and didn't expect me to be a god
you see my mistakes as mistakes and not intentional maliciousness
you make me wish I was a better person
but you always assure me I'm the best I can be
and that's just perfect for you
and you're just perfect for me
I have my problems
but you're the only meds I need
the goddess I've always wanted
turned out to be my human bride
you're perfect
and the only one I want
you make me
for the first time I can remember
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