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Thread: Knocking sound on door in dreams

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    Knocking sound on door in dreams

    This happens to me off and on through my life, I hear knocking on doors, most of the time Im aware that its in the dream. Im lucid dream alot. Because I used to force it to happen. I used to do dream experimentation.. but honestly I enjoy the nights where I dont lucid dream these days. It hadnt happened for a while, and it happened last night. I heard knocking and thought it was a friend needing a place to crash or something. Got up opened my door and there was nobody there.. I realized it was a dream. Very strange.

    Then again later on after I fell asleep again I heard it again, and wokeup but knew it was a dream. This time I was aware I was dreaming and also knew who was at the door in the dream.. but the knocking was loud enough to wake me up.

    Im a pretty light sleeper and usually wakeup when there is another presence nearby.

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    THEN LATER my co2 alarm started going off in my house.. I had a car battery charging next to it and it must have made a small ammount of Co2. It was very annoying cuz I hate wakeing up in the night and having to fall back asleep.

    Three times.. Im pretty grumpy this morning about wakeing up that many times.. Two for non-existance reasons and one cuz of the damned c02 alarm
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    I have a feeling... although no solid memory to grasp, just an odd recollection. May peaceful rest hold you.

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