maturing vs wisdom

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maturing vs wisdom «  » by rug
does ones age have anything to do with the level of wisdom?

how then does maturity play into it?

in my experience when i was always telling people that age had nothing to do with wisdom. but then at the same time i was being a complete dick to my parents and others for stupid little things. in other words i was a teenager. then i grew older, and something seemed to happen as i calmed down a bit and could actually let some of that wisdom out

so perhaps it is our changes bodies that stop us from having access to that wisdom?
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«  » by lillies1978
i think a child can hold a lot of wisdom...when a child comes to be a teenager, the physical body starts messing with you....hormones kickin and in a way the teenager is not in full charge of himself (look at pregnant women, they go nuts too, i was pregnant twice, so no offense, lol)...when you grow older the hormones find balance(their supposed to anyway) and you calm down again....

i know i wasn't easy as a teenager, but i don't think i had no access to the wisdom, it was just harder to apply cause i was so caught up in myself in my hormones =)))))

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«  » by Eriol
No, age has nothing to do with wisdom. Wisdom depends on the soul's age a lot I think. In fact, not age, but the lessons the soul has already learned in past lives.

I'm sure you already got that. You got a problem, or see someone else in a problem, and you naturally know how to handle the problem, and it's no issue at all. While the other people still have tons of trouble with it. This shows you already learned this lesson in another life.

About maturity. Well, old souls, young bodies. People usually calm down when the body gets older and all. Though, it looks a lot more like fitting in and losing hope and become "realist"(pessimist) and becoming a corporate slave more than anything else. I'll tell you right now, maturity is WAY overrated, don't let it get to you, keep your child's heart.
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«  » by ZZ23
I agree with eriol cool avatar dude- - - I think age has nothing to do with wisdom- Or common sense as i like to call it- - -And maturity just means u are growing physically too- - ANd in some ways mentally- - - -
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«  » by sshenry
does ones age have anything to do with the level of wisdom?

how then does maturity play into it?

We are born with the wisdom of the ages, but it is hard to express it when the physical body/brain/ etc. has little or no experience doing this. Age may have nothing to do with wisdom, but it has everything to do with how we express that wisdom. As we grow older we (hopefully) develop better people skills so that we can present our wisdom to people without driving them away with our youthful enthusiasm which can sometimes translate out as arrogant know-it-all attitudes. :)
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