Life is all twisted again

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Life is all twisted again «  » by kudzukit
The ups and downs of going through life are doable- once you get past it. But right now, I seem to be in the middle of a crash.

The last few weeks have been unbelievable. My world seems to be crashing around me-- it is like all of the doors are slamming shut, the energy has gone bad, and Im just worn down.

I am one of those people who attack crazy people- and one of them turned on me in a way I never saw coming. I am a teacher, and she has been to my school making all kinds of wild false accusations. When my principal did not respond the way she wanted (thankfully he did defend me to her) she call my Superintendent- lied to her as well. When that didnt work, she then tried to get me kicked out of coaching youth soccer- lied to the head of our local association and fellow coach. (again they did not believe her either, but it has left a lot of stress and strain in her wake)

IN the middle of that chaos-- I have had several crazy student problems-- which never happens! Had an 8yr old eat clay! Plus several other crazy things.

THEN-- we have SNOW!! IN Alabama?? for 3 days in a row? we havent had snow like that in 15 years! It caused me to have to cancel a trip-- the first trip I have been able to go on in over a year.

THEN- my classroom was broken into. Im in a small tight community. Our school has NEVER had vandals- not in over 100 years. And someone targeted me-- they just moved my personal stuff around. rearranged my personal items (rotated the printer , moved a handmade coffee cup, put some things I brought from out of the country on the sidewalk outside...) clearly done to mess with me head

Sadly, the crazy parent has managed to turn the few teachers at school, who I thought were friends, against me-- they believed her lies, even though I have known them for many years,and many of them I considered my friends outside of school... and they should know I would not do what she has accused. So my normal support network is gone as well.

It is like Im just sucking in something bad. I dont know what has happened. The last 5 years have been one good thing after another-- doors opening, my teaching has blossomed, my child has blossomed, --- my world was good.
But now, one after another.....
And now my dreams are packed full of harsh emotions-- I wake up feeling all wrong-- I cant describe it, just feeling wrong.

I was finally able to spend some times in the woods at my home (lots of property) -- this usually helps rejuvenate me, but even that feels weird.

I guess, I am asking for some positive thoughts and feelings sent my way. I know I will get through this crash, but is sure is tough right now.
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«  » by beautifulmind
All I can say is look around at the world at large and see that you are not the only one going through all this negative energy. We are going through so many energetic shifts now and so fast that most people can't keep up and that is why they do stuff like fly their planes into building and target certain individuals. It takes alot of courage and effort to go through these shifts and deal with what is on the much easier for people to blame what is on the outside. So if we can look at things in that way, it makes it easier to not take it so personal...even though clearly you are being personally targeted. Whatever is ailing that woman is about her and not you.

The best you can do is to try to remain grounded for you and your child and deal with whatever feelings are coming up with this, process and feel. You can get through this. There is a great book that I try to remember when it seems like the world is going crazy around me. It's called The Legend of Luna. This story is basically about an acient tree and a woman who saved it but it teaches us how to stay grounded.

I am glad you shared here as we can be a support for you in the meantime until your teaching friends come around. Will keep you in prayers.
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«  » by ZhiLin
Sounds like you're having a dark night of the soul (hehe, I have tons of those once in awhile). Like Beautifulmind just said, it's the woman who's got a problem, so don't take responsibility for HER actions. It looks like she's directing a lot of ill-intentioned energy right in your direction.

You need to step back, detach yourself a little, and have some compassion for her (I know it's hard since every bad thing is directed at YOU right now), but realize that the woman is very unhappy. Happy people make others happy, only some unhappy people would ensure those around them are also miserable.

Whenever I'm dealing with someone I really have a problem with, I practice the "compassion technique". Say the 3 words to yourself:
COMPASSION - see your judgment of that person fall to the ground with a clunk (like heavy boulders). Erase all judgment.
EMPATHY - try to have some empathy for that person; if you can't figure out what their motivations are, assume they're just unhappy/fearful and doesn't know how else to deal with it.
UNDERSTANDING - zoom out and see that person's thread in the fabric of life; see her in the greater context.

Hope this helps.
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«  » by kudzukit
This woman does have some major issues.
She has also targeted our school nurse, our principal and her child's teachers again. In fact, she withdrew the kids this week and enrolled them elsewhere... darn :)
I just have to deal with her at soccer.

Who I feel so sorry for are her kids. They are great kids who have witnessed totally crazy behavior. I am certain they are strong, but the long-term affect will not be easy for them.
I can only hope the other people who have been fooled by her will see the truth before too much damage can be done.
Or-- maybe she will just move! Her hubby moves them about every 18 months as he climbs a corporate ladder, they can move on and out of our lives.
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«  » by ZhiLin
Sounds like her life is unstable to begin with >.>...
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«  » by ThetaAbundance
In regard to the parent, I would like to say, I cannot imagine being a teacher in this day. So in that, although I have my own issues with school administrations and abusive teachers, how parents handle things can be extremely sick. That isn't you... She sounds like she has more issues than just a few problems with a teacher. People are feeling out of control, living in extreme fear, being forced to face inner demons they ran from and probably didn't know existed. They are having to re-evaluate their entire lives, realizing what they thought was real, isn't. Then to figure out what is real. How they will feed their children, put clothes on their back, find their grounding that is never seeming to manifest.

In this new age, the age of integrity/Christ consciousness (my own thoughts no fact), it reminds me of the tarot card the tower mixed with ten of swords and nine of swords. Over the past few months I have noticed many people who once seemed to have it all together, don't any more and they are petrified. Thankfully, last year this time I went through the shedding enormous amounts of ego fears and identities... so this surge of changes didn't break me. Those who resisted, well, I guess you were lucky to teach one of their children! haha Any way, in the end, her issues are hers... you can only be responsible for your actions, your words.... all else, out of your control. As hard as it may be in that position, personalizing anything is only going to create resistence within oneself.

BIG BIG HUGS! Just writing, kind of half asleep and felt compelled to share whatever came out!

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«  » by wolf89
man you have to learn that you can;t just go and atak crazy people without any consequences .IN one way you dizerve this , its your punisment and it will end when you understand what you have done wrong
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