Concert. Martial Arts School. Instructor following me.

There's always a sign somewhere, whether it be in a dream or a vision.
Well, the dream starts off as I am going to the train to meet up with a friend for a concert. We get on the train and go to our hotel room. My friend a few days later freaks out on me accusing me of cheating with her boyfriend during the trip. I leave right away saying I did not and why would I?
I think I go back on the train until I arrive at the stop for school.
Then I am on at school of some kind out in the woods again. We're told the bathrooms are co-ed so if we are uncomfortable to make sure to knock then wait. So we're doing martial arts exercises and stuff. The instructor who is only a few years older than us is mad at me for not putting in effort even though I am doing things correctly and defeating my fellow students. He said all this stuff like why not? And I am like why should I? Later it's raining and we are still training more of a detection and hiding game. Then at night we go in for examinations. I pass. Then they want me to do more so somehow I end up fighting my instructor. I don't believe either of us won.

Uhh then it was like we were on vacation for a week and my fellow students and I were all planning things like switching around our rooms and what not. I go to shower. I open the door and in shock I close cause there are naked men in there. I forgot the rules. So I turn around and pace. I notice movement then I run into my instructor in which I ask what he was doing in the student area during vacation. It was unusual. Then later incidents where I keep running into him like he's following me during vacation. It's just strange.

Oh and we( students) did go to the beach at one point and we ran into him. =.=

Fellow students: At least 2 other girls and a few guys all around 18.

The instructor following me I think is the merman in human form. lols He transformed into a human in my last dream so since the person is following in this dream I figured it must be him.
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