Occular Dominance

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I have seen the test for ocular dominance being described in a number of places and I have been having some trouble with it. Specifically this is the one where you make a box with your hands and focus on a far away object, then close one eye to see which is focusing on it.

This doesn't really work for me because when I make the box and put it in front of the object, I see a visual illusion of a merging of both hands, obscuring the object. Then I have to move it either left or right to see the object. That screws up the results, as I will test positive for left-eye dominance if I move my hand slightly to the right, and test positive for right eye dominance if I move it to the left.

Either way, moving it to the right or left is the same result, so I don't know which one is the correct dominant eye.

I have also tried the one where you bring an object close to your face and focus on it and see which eye diverges first. Apparently (had a friend check for me) neither one did.

How can I find my dominant eye?

Does anybody know any better tests for this?
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