End Times (Sestina)

The creativity in all of us transpires here.
Learning daily of the devastation,
lessons taut as total depravation,
teaching element’ry desolation,
failing in the social revelation,
doomed to mirror the passing generation:
educating this (abomi)nation.

And in affect, that bleak abomination,
perpetuated future devastation,
by leaving heirs of total depravation
the ethics of their moral desolation…
to crush the hope of any revelation
for students of the coming generation --

the hope, in fact, of every generation.
But can we heal the sore abomination?
Reverse the Inquisition's devastation?
Construct, amid the lit’ral depravation,
a learned oasis in this desolation?
Can we beget a 'Holy' revelation,

whose nature is a human revelation?
Spontaneously push our generation
away from dogma-based abomination,
beyond the shadows cast by devastation
from crosses of Golgothic depravation,
where not a soul would feel the desolation?

And from the absence of that desolation,
renewed divinely in our revelation,
Humanity might spark the generation
of education sans abomination,
without the fear of future devastation.
If not a total lack of depravation,

at least a lack of total depravation...
would finally erase the “desolation”
that's bound within the Book of Revelation;
as students of the Final Generation
would understand the true “abomination”
had always been religion’s devastation.

This is my generation’s Revelation
to The Abomination's Desolation:
your depravation's your own devastation.

--P.E. Merrick
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by tmt
Curiously uplifting. Thanks Super AC :)
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10. Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."

Thought provoking poem, shows you how so few control so many, many who are blinded.

Everyone has the kingdom inside of them, Those that have found the Light will not die.
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