Oil Spill Debacle -- Part Deux- - Very Very Not Good

Have you heard about those government cover ups? What about x, y, z? Yep, it's all in here.
Hmmmm. Is the linked horror credible since it is "revealed" by the MSM? Are we being set up for the next step in some takeover while the psychopaths exclaim that all of the upcoming (increased) tyranny is designed to help "save the species"? The official: problem-reaction-solution ploy? All the while, of course, the rothschild/corexit cabal is cashing in on the problem. http://indigosociety.com/showthread.php?31288-Huge-Profit-In-NOT-Solving-The-quot-Spill-quot-Debacle Is it truly possible that the psychopaths would go so far as to seriously damage the planet and the species just to "earn" more profits (and proceed with their other "important agendas")? Rhetorical? It's becoming more and more challenging for me to maintain my "love, praise and gratitude" posture, recognizing that all is in divine order, etc (modest sarcasm) :)


That entire thread is worth perusing -- some very insightful comments. One favorite regards -- rahm-bo "twinkletoes/gay bath house/mossad agent" emanuel and his rent free DC apartment courtesy of BP
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