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I live in an apartment complex in a bad part of town. I myself am usually protected, I know how to talk to my angels and use different energy to shield myself. But since I've moved into my complex, I feel like its so much harder to take care of myself and my family! This place is swarming with all kinds of bad things- so bad that even when I call on ARCHANGELS to help me, I feel like I'm being watched the instant I step outside or even into the next room. I hear voices that are stronger than I've ever heard before, and I used to live in a house that was basically a new type of portal that psychics have been unable to explain. I've woken up to people whispering in my ears in the middle of the night, though I went to sleep fully shielded. And I've seen things watching me. Every time I turn around, it seems, there's something new there to startle me. And the moment I get scared, they're at their worst, trying to make me feel like I'm not strong enough to fight them because I'm outnumbered. Is there any way for me to clear out at least the building I live in? I don't like prayer. I can barely stomach asking Archangel Michael for help. And I can't do anything physically- my mother doesn't believe in these things, and would undoubtedly be upset with me if I did anything she noticed. Please help me. I don't think I should be afraid in my own home- ever.
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I'm not really sure what you don't like about prayer? Is it that you don't like organized religion?

Anyhoo, I feel sorry for you. So here is some tips to help you out.

First of all understand that one spiritual person who has positive intentions is more powerful than hundreds of mindless negative people.

On a psychic level. I feeling that there is more than just the move that is bugging you and giving you stress so consider that you may need to address other aspects of your life to feel good.( For example, you may need to forgive a friend for hurting you or let go of some resentment.)

As a living person you have spiritual authority over your space. It is universal law. You are the boss. Claim your space by walking the perimeter of your home, room, even building if you can. While you walk around say out loud or in your mind as a prayer, " This is my space, all negative energies must leave and only good energy is allowed to enter and remain." Do this as often as you feel is needed.

Since any obvious ritual would bother your Mom, you can make a pouch and fill it with sage, lavender,sea salt, and a stone that is the color black. This is symbolic of protection and cleansing. Keep the pouch in your pocket or under your bed.

For a more powerful cleansing effect cut a lemon cross wise and place it in a dish of salt. Allow all the negative energy to be absorbed by the lemon and then throw it out. If the lemon does not dry out cut a new one and do the process again.

Clean and declutter the home. Seriously, little nasty entities love to hide in clutter and mess with you and your pets so clean up.

Turn off the electronics in your room when you go to sleep. Sensitives seem to be really bothered by electromagnetic waves that are produced by faulty wiring, appliances, computers and even cell phone chargers. You may benefit from moving your bed to a wall that doesn't have any wiring running through it. Try that and see.

Dance, jog, walk or do calisthenics every day to burn off excess energy and ground yourself. Allow the stress to leave your body through exercise and drain into the earth. As you are grounded you become less of a magnet to negative energies. Meditate everyday. Just a couple of minutes a day is plenty. Calm mind, calm home.

Place a small mirror in the window sill to deflect any random energy that is being shot into the home from traffic, wild emotions outside, or discordant building placements.

These simple steps should give you some relief. As I mentioned, there is some other stuff in your vibration that is upsetting you so it is wise to take the time to do what you have to in order to make you life peaceful agian. Best of luck.
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Indigo Dog
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Thank you for your advice.
I don't like the whole religion thing in general. I don't believe that I, or anyone else for that matter, was created just to bow down to a higher being. I do believe that there is some form of God, but in my mind, none of the religions have it exactly right. I would prefer to do things myself, with my own energy, without the help of some foreign being who may or may not be God.
I respect other religions, and I don't mean to upset anyone with that statement. Forgive me if I did.
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I understand that New age and archangels or "entities" Are parts of religion. But these don't require me to bow down to some higher force. I CAN ask for help. I PREFER to do things myself and rely only on myself, but sometimes the backup is welcome. And if indeed I did have some negative energy coming from myself, I can take care of that. Thank you both for your inputs. It is appreciated.
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by Spyder
I sealed my room with a thought-form kinda thing. I was messing around with my shield one day, seeing how I could improve on it when I decided to stretch it out, to fill the room. I basically painted the walls with energy then, and it keeps out interference. not as strong as a body shield, but it's helpful for blocking out stray thoughts and energies, I'm also working on an alarm system for it so I get alerted if some untoward entity goes through it.
I'd also suggest getting a nice big crystal, and programming it for shielding, I'm sure someone here could suggest a good protection crystal (quarts and amethyst would be a good basis)

Hope I've been helpful, and good luck Bunny :D
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Thank you for that suggestion. If I were to get a crystal would it actually need to be a crystal ball? Or would any stone/crystal work? Obviously not just some crystal out of the yard, but just an average quartz or amethyst?
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by Spyder
[QUOTE=blondebunny13;643467]Thank you for that suggestion. If I were to get a crystal would it actually need to be a crystal ball? Or would any stone/crystal work? Obviously not just some crystal out of the yard, but just an average quartz or amethyst?[/QUOTE]

It wouldn't need to be a crystal ball, just any kind of crystal that you feel an affinity with. Perhaps the one corresponding with your [url=""]star sign[/url].

Or perhaps just ask the universe for the right crystal for you, and one will turn up :)

Love & Light
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Close the portal. Unfortunately you are not bowing down to a higher force but caving in to lower thought form entities. As far as our AA Michael tell him to get his thumb out of his ass but basically this something you do on your own. I do a lot on my own as far as defense and mostly only ask for angelic help to make sure the conditions I have set remain set since i don't have eyes in the back of my head and can't look at everything at once like they can.

A suggestion for communicating with guides and angelics. Call a council a few times a week. You call them all in from angelics to life guides and then you call the shots stating outloud and very specifically what sort of problems you are having and how you are feeling about things in general and tell them to start helping them to open some avenues of recourse for you. You have to give them permission they can't cross free will or do something without your asking for it. they don't intervene till you tell them to. Specific, a lot of people aren't truthful with spiritual guidance because they don't want to be percieved as being anything less than wholesome. I bitch, rant and rave and I get immediate results. This is the difference between someone who gets what they want and someone who feels they are at the mercy of some higher entity.

If you can think you have the power to close that portal. If you are going to go out and by crystals get some selenite wands or lengths of selenite and put a bit of magnetic hematite near the end. . Rest one end on your palm and the other end depending on how long they are will rest on your forearm. Hold two in both hands and raise hands, bring them down once. Viola, portal is closed. You may blow half the block away too. You do this with intention. Now if you want to be a real bitch you can focus on the 9th or 11th dimension and open a portal there. Leave it open. If the previous portal opens and the ass-trals come spilling out again they will have an unpleasant surprise waiting for them. Ha ha asstrals meet the cavalry..

Because of the nature of what you have described you are being pestered by ass-trals. They are lower dimensional entities that have no power at all but the ability to manipulate the unwary. They aren't dangerous and they really can't do anything but attempt to frighten you. If you don't want to go through the bother of anything tell them to shut the fuck up and get out. Jab one of those wands at them while your at it. Get mad and they'll get the point.
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Be careful not to allow the idea of protection and defense allocate fear towards entities and things of lower vibration. When I do things to protect myself, I make the clear choice to do them to hold and purify my space for my best good, not to ward off something. However, sometimes I do run into something overwhelming and then I have to say go away, but even then, the intention is this is my space!

The other thing you can do is establish guardians from your imagination, kind of like gargoils, only more in the form of love, like roses are good. They soak up negative things around, so you can again, concentrate on your space and keep your energy contained. You can also use them to throw pictures from thoughts in your mind into the roses as well. These pictures are thoughts which are no longer serving you or anyone else around you. Another cool thing about roses, is that you can see when they are wilting. They wear out like a battery. When they do, you blow them up in a way that fits you, then you make new ones. You can never make too many roses!!! Try it.

Also, FYI Blond Bunny, I concur with Indigo Dog, you are haunting yourself in denial about someone you spited. We all do it so no worries, but maybe something you might want to question or look at? If it feels icky, throw any pictures/thoughts around that ickiness into some roses and blow them up and presto, the haunting will go away!!!

Hope this helps, these are new tools I have been learning that are really helping me quite a lot.

Best of luck.
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by vmc99
i recently able to reach my old soul
but often sound from my brain pop up says"you just useless rejected person"

thanks your post really inspire me!!

i feel better now^^
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A good crystal that can help with fear is rose quartz, it should help you feel loved and protected. Also have you tried asking Archangel Michael to be your bouncer? Ask him not to let anything in that isn't for your highest good. This is a job he is very good at.
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A smudge cleaning with sage or sweet grass is good.
and as you smudge chant:
. . . . . . That which does not belong . . Begone !
For protection then small quartz crystals
should be put in each corner, in the back of closets, and
on either side of your door. Use the cheep ones.
To complete your sanctuary, a trail of salt on your window ledges.

The advice that you have control of your space, and that you are
more powerful than most spirits, is actual. A victim attitude makes
you weaker. For strength call on your Goddess Within.
You and only you are the high goddess of your space and
She [You] are stronger than you currently believe. To strengthen your
connection to Your Goddess Self. Write that affirmation on a piece of
paper and put it in your pillowcase.
If you want to develop more psychic abilities add that statement too.

This technique is good to use to implement Celtic Knot's advice.
Could you feel her positive kick-ass energy? She put it out there
for you to borrow and use, until you radiate and control your own. . . . . ;-)
Be in Harmony,
be in beauty
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