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very lost «  » by looking
So I'm new to this whole site and not use to talking to others about this stuff, looking for some one to to chat one on one with to help me get the ropes... like I said before really lost... the most I can explain is that I feel like my souls so big it can't fit here, not in my head or my body or on this planet or with others... or Its contained and limited to the point I might pop... there's so much I feel see, think, notice, can't hide from, can't push out of my mind and ignore... but at the same time it's mighty big of myself to think it's my job to fix these things, or contemplate these things... any one wanting more details message me please, any one with advise message me please.... any one with a diff, out look at all message me plz....
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«  » by Tina
Have you tried writing (fiction)? Seems to me that you got what it takes :D
It actually helps :)
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«  » by xoxos
*thinks about response*

*agrees with self*

yep, i think the best answer to this question i can come up with is probably unsuitably simple..

find something to do.

one discipline, one practice, one art or the other. when you can't work on one thing, work on another. it helps to have a few to swap between :) like programming and cooking and music i dunno. if you're trapped somewhere where it's impossible to do cooking.. once i passed the time thinking about polyrhythmic time counts in music and getting used to that.. it doesn't make a big difference at the time, tho a few years later i find myself saying "wow, i'm glad i had that practice getting familiar with polyrhythms."

being able to switch your point of focus productively is a good way of dealing (or improving the way you deal) with overwhelming feelings.
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«  » by fred aus indo
hey u r similar like me... not very good at focusing

but u know what... well others suggestion is correct and you should alter ur i guess energy to something like making a fiction stories and such

in advanced to that... i guess u can ummm try to look at certain things or moment in life and try to ummm study it and then once ur satisfied with that thing you can move to another thing and so on... but it takes steps... it's like when u hv lots of homework... first u do maths... take a break and then u decided to do science... and then maybe u decided to do maths again and then english... the order of it it's up to you but as long as at that certain time u can focus or multifocus on that thing... you should be good

i mean unfortunately all of us can't multitask too much... so for now try to organise something so that you are able to eventually manage ur energy thingy....

and yeah definitley have a good day to you "looking" ;)
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