Strange numbness felt last night..

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Strange numbness felt last night.. «  » by Rstokley27
Hello all,

Still pretty new here, but thought I'd share this, see if anyone has any opinions about it.

Last night around 11p or so, the very tip of my thumb went numb. I wasn't using it, nor did I have a stressful day, it was actually pretty pleasant. But I noticed it, and as soon as I realized it wasn't going away (after about 15 mins), I thought about this site, and the fact that I've been putting myself out there quite a bit, and wondered if I could make it go away by projecting a white self defense 'shield'?
As soon as I did that, I felt as if whatever it was making my thumb numb (lol that rhymes) pretty quickly drew away, then I felt almost an absence in my thumb, like someone was pinching me stopped. Weird huh?

Is this something that happens when people are trying to read you? Or perhaps there are spirits around me that can now interact with me and I'm just now finding out about it?

I have noticed lately moving shadows out of the corner of my eyes occasionally, I wonder if that's a part of it.

Any advice or answers anyone may have would be greatly appreciated! It's so funny how quickly, yet slowly, things happen when you've finally opened your mind.

Thanks in advance!!
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«  » by Rstokley27
Darn, hoped I'd hear something...
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«  » by mojo5040
about the things in your eye corners, i can tell you about that but not about your numbness,,

1st you see alot of sparkles and those things
2nd then you see shadows in your corners and they will then come more often in youre normal vision
3rd you now see ghosts

thats how i experienced it ;)
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«  » by Rstokley27
Hey thanks for replying anyway :)

You know, I haven't seen sparkly things, but I have seen strange movements and shadows out of the corners of my eyes for many many years now. I always assumed it was a trick of my imagination, but coming across this place and reading up on all the different things indigos experience really changed my attitude about certain things.

I've even thought about doing artwork by taking ordinary photos and painting in what I thought (or perhaps really did) see not a moment before :)

I hope the things I've opened my mind to want me to see them so I can help, not to hurt me...have you had much experience with this?
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