A Great Awakening: Patients Realize MDs In League With BigPharma

Have you heard about those government cover ups? What about x, y, z? Yep, it's all in here.
Apparently, about 80% of patients have now finally realized the enormity of the prescription scam agenda. Slowly but surely...............And some may even get the intuition that being felt up by TSA has nothing to do with terr'ist mooooooooooooooooooooslems :)

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not wanting to take pharmaceuticals is not the same as learning how to take care of yourself. when an obviously unhealthy person tells me 'oh no, i won't even take aspirin', usually in response to talk about natural remedies/natural healing, i know they are in big trouble and that they will lie down and do as they are told by the system when the time comes.
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