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Sleep Issues «  » by Kaili
Hello all.
We all know the story. Girl grows up sensing things she shouldn't, has a few scares, and decides you know? I'm not interested in being attacked(by non-humans) and decides to ignore the other world.

Problem is, they don't seem to want to ignore me. Its been years now since I even meditiated and still they pursist.

The last month-two has been very trying. I've been having almost weekly fights with 'others'. They keep attacking the right side of my body, in a very specific area, almost where my kidneys would be. Finger to the belly button over to the right a little. I wake up with leftover pain and heat. I used to, years ago, wake up with handprints as if someone had slapped me, scratches(painfully evident not self-inflicted) They have always gone after this particular spot however. The last time it happened, I was able to hear them talking. It was almost like they were trying to perform an operation. (I've never had an operation) One was saying 'I'm trying to take it, she won't let me!' And the other one mumbled something and struck his 'hand' against my heart and apparently tried to take that as well. Which was new, they've always gone after the spot on my stomache.

The 'pain' they inflict is hard to explain. It hurts more than anything I've experienced before, and the 'aftershock' lasts quite awhile. Like their grabbing something and sqeezing it with white hot iron, and pulling. Even that doesn't do it justice.

I've been experiencing more de-ja vu lately, and general 'knowings' have gone up as well.

To be quite truthful, they terrify me. They have always attacked me, and seriously I believe the continued attacks are causing physical harm as I now have an undiagnosed stomache issue that the doctors cannot figure out. I would like to point out that I was medically given the all-clear last year when I wanted to believe the night attacks were a kidney or gallbladder issue.

If anyone has anything helpful to say I will listen.
Thanks for reading
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«  » by AmentiHall
I know exactly how you feel.

Oddly enogh I was not surprised nor really that scard when it happened to me. Yes there were times when I was scared...but it subsidized when I truly realized they have no real power in this realm unless it is given to them. And you might realize, that all along you gave a part of it to them unknowingly. This is a gift in disguise- because now you will learn how to take it all back, and into yourself. Not just the power others might have over you in the moment, but of your own thoughts and emotions that allow such a thing to "leak" into you.

It's not something to be taken lightly, but neither is it something to totally and utterly let frighten or destroy you. Remember, the psychic and the physical are interrelated. And yes even psychic attacks can cause physical discomfort and diseases, or often times physical instabilities might allow access into your energy field (as it is weakened or disfigured).

The first thing I must recommend to you is the use of visualizing. One to shield and Two to HEAL.

The second is to begin to monitor your thoughts, are they truly yours? And if not how is it allowing this cycle to perpetuate.

The third is not to be afraid. I once remember the feeling of the entities entering my energy field, and perception before I went to sleep. Knowing full well that I was vulnerable. As I laid in my bed I saw their shadows..and they "flickered" like tiny particles..vibrating, hovering right above my bed...WAITING for me to go to sleep. Showing themselves just enough so that I knew, and would be I laid in my bed, and worked on visualizing. Instead of being afraid as they would want me to be...I became loving and powerful. I overcame my "fear" and laid in my bed and slept the way I wanted to.

I used to get them at my "bladder" and sacral area, also around the "root" (when this was attacked, it felt like an entity literally squeezed my scortum in the worst possible way), solar plexus, which felt like I was being shocked from within, and the throat- which felt like I was being choked to death. If it comes in the form of paralysis, you must stay calm and "override" the paralysis. Even if you are in pain (as it happened with me). Getting afraid and angry only makes it worse.

To be honest, seeing a healer might help. Or someone (like a shaman) who can "extract" that entity within you that is causing it, OR the "implant" that they are utilizing to access you. Just FYI, it is something within your day to day actions, habits, thoughts, or whatever that allows the implant to access you. Therefore, monitoring thoughts and all that is important.

The most important thing I can leave you with is that this is ALL for learning. Don't blame, don't get hateful, DON'T be a victim, beacuse then you give them the power of being predators. This is technically, all your energies doing. Just like healing. Healers don't truly use their energy, although they do USE lots of energy to move YOUR energy.. The negatives do the same, only through subtle manipulative means. Don't worry yourself. Learn to shield, and learn to simply be confident in your own inner power.

Even though I am well past this stage, I can feel it right now as I type. They do not like it when I help others with the same issues I had, in fact when I was going through it I was attacked just for talking about it. So I'm going to take my own advice tonight as I sleep :) Godspeed and goodluck, you will be PERFECTLY FINE!
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«  » by Kaili
First I want to say that I'm sorry for bringing up an old thread. I felt it might be easier than reexplaining everything.

For the most part, since I started monitoring my thoughts and such things have been okay. A attack here or there, but nothing major.

When I dream and it is lucid, I have problems attacking or defending myself. It feels like I'm stuck in molasses, and I can't move very fast. Like if I normally move at a 10, with the resistence that comes I can only move at a 4. IF if I am not moving to hurt someone/thing I can move normally. It has always been this way. A few weeks ago I had a dream someone was training me to move faster in my dreams. I do not know who this person/thing is, (had a human body but it made me feel it was only to make me comfortable) but they spent at least a couple hours with me teaching me how to move faster. I woke up very happy, and felt a lot better.

Que to tonight, where it is 3:22am and I've been up for an hour terrified to go back to sleep because for some reason I still think he's here. Pat was very angry tonight. After scaring the living daylights out of me he told me his name and how he and his dog died. (I think they died together) When he first came into my dream I started fighting him with what my mentor had taught me. Pat resorted to flinging chairs around the room and cutting out the lights.

After leaving where he was (why couldnt he follow me?!) someone I trust IRL came out of the door and told me I had to go back in. I know they were only mirroring this person to get me to listen to them. I punched them in the face(normal speed) and they told me that behaviour was rude, unnessessary and I HAVE to go back to where Pat is. Understanding why I didn't want to go back, but in a no-nonsense way telling me that in no uncertain terms it was no matter I was going back like it or not.

So, I went in where Pat was somehow even angrier. He moved his shadow across the walls a few times, I sat on a couch, and ignored him. He got in my face, showing me his, and he begun yelling to me about how he died. He had a distinct 'the unfairness of it all' type of anger. I again started to feel the molasses come over me, I started to say Pat's name really low trying to get his attention, he wouldnt listen to me, so I said 'BIG TALK' and woke up IRL, saying the words 'talk' as I woke up.

I've never ever EVER even heard of using 'Big Talk' to wake someone up. My ability to wake myself up during these attacks have been spotty at best, but as soon as I said this command, without even the thought to, I woke up, I didn't mean to say it, I just wanted out of there.

Is it possible at all some of these attacks are because I don't listen? What if they are angry they have passed and only want to rant, only to find the person they found doesn't want to hear it? So they attack out of anger?

Except, this time it felt almost like a test. Like someone wanted to see what would happen. Does anyone have ANY ideas? My next step is a healer/accupuncturist, this is really scaring me. although I am proud for fighting back this time.

Thanks for reading...I feel betterish now after getting it out.
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«  » by fred aus indo
have you ever had a thought of having consensus with those energy attackers??... identify the source of the problem is always the best thing :)
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