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Home Alone Cat «  » by rherzog
Alright friends I need your help. In January, I will be student teaching from roughly 7am-4pm Monday-Friday. While I am excited to advance my career, I am deeply saddened to leave my cat home alone for an extended amount of time because he is used to my presence and I can sense he is distraught when I'm not there. How can I ease him into being home alone more than he's used to? He is one of my closest friends and the cries he makes when I return home even after a couple of hours is so sad.

I've read a couple of threads about animal communication using images, eye contact, etc. I've tried the eye contact and wow..did he respond! I am going to try the mental images tonight and see what kind of response I get. I know that he knows I love and care for him, I just don't want to see what happens when I'm not home as much.

Here he is... Image

Thank you all for your input.
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«  » by Alhambra
Aw, he's a cute fuzzy flat-face! :)

On a non-telepathic note, have you thought about getting another cat? It can be difficult finding two cats that get along very well when they did not grow up together, but maybe if you have success in communicating with him, you can have him help you choose the newcomer.

I have always had a lot of animals in my family, and I notice my cats seem happier when there is at least another creature in the house... especially if the humans are gone all day.
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«  » by rherzog
I was thinking last night and it is funny that you mention getting another cat because that is exactly what I realized while spending time with Hendrix (my cat above) last night. In fact, I've been attracting quite a few strays lately,but it dawned on me that I need to ask my Grandma if I could have her cat. She has been traveling A LOT lately and I've been going to her house to take care of her cat, Omar. I think if the pair get along then my problem may be solved. I just sense Omar's loneliness as well and think this may be the ultimate solution.
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«  » by rabana
whew, thats a relief. felt so empathetic with Hendrix i couldn't even comment. :)
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«  » by GenericIndigo
he says don't worry, he doesn't do too much more than open and close his eyes from that exact some position


he says that his soul mate/ true flame-- is probably this character, if you could find this inverse non-hairy evil character it would make his life
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«  » by rherzog
GI....you constantly crack me up!!! That is true, my little Hendrix dear is quite content on that ledge.
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