Finally! Hello everyone!

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, we're all friendly here.
Finally! Hello everyone! «  » by Danyelle
Wow, this really clicks! I'm currently 16 and I believe that I am Indigo. I've always been overly mature. I have been very spiritually aware since I was about 6. I started reading extensively and researching about the occult when I was 8. Recently, I feel like I'm living in a dream world because everything in my life is a coincidence (usually there are about 5 'coincidences' in a day). just wow.. I cannot even describe how at home I feel after reading about Indigo Children, everything is right on!
Looking forward to posting on here and getting to know everyone. :)
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«  » by LadyElement
Greetings and Love to you dear

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«  » by rhiannon lemur
Hi Danyelle,

I know you will love it here, wish I had an outlet like this when I was your age. Are you journalling?
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rhiannon lemur
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«  » by Calibas
I believe these "coincidences" are hints at the true nature of reality. :)
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«  » by Holick
nice to meet you
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«  » by mountainmoon7
warm welcome to you. i discovered this site a few days ago and i think it is just the bees knees. i, too wish i had had an outlet like this when i was your age... good luck to you, and again, welcome!
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«  » by faye_umi
Hello dear! Very nice to meet you. And I agree with Calibas...there are no coincidences.....only gifts! :) Enjoy them.
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«  » by anomoly
when i was a kid i used to feel like every thing i did or got ,every special moment in my life was a story that i was telling to some one else it felt like i could see my self describing it in detail to some one in the future like an old man speaking to his grand children. Welcome to IS im glad it feels like home to you and i only hope that feeling grows with time.
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«  » by sshenry
Welcome to IS, I'm sure you'll love it here :)
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«  » by Patryc
welcome Danielle,

sshenry took my line so I'll say live it up and embrace life and happy new years



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«  » by sshenry
Hey, what can I say, its a good line!
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