why are people so cold?

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why are people so cold? «  » by cerise333
ok so today I was driving to work in the morning and then I came to this very small street where only one car can pass at a time, so I went through and there were lots of cars so we were sort of in a line passing by, then all of a sudden I see that the car in front of me goes over something, (kind of) like I see something from beneath the car, I keep going and I see a cat lying on the floor trying to get back up on his feet and he is struggling to get up sooo badly and it makes me so scared cause I don't want to pass by because I fear he might get up and I might kill it, I suddenly stop the car and Im like fuk it what do I do, but I know I have to pass, so I pass and luckily the cat was right at the place where my wheels wouldn't go over him so I was like fiuuuuu but I got soooo scared and I really wanted to stop my car and get down and help the kitty, I didn't know how badly he was hurt but I got SOOO scared, but I had to go by because there were cars behind me, and I was already late for work. So I slowly pass by and when I look on the rearview mirror thing I see the face on the man on the car behind, he didn't even stop, he wasn't even the less concerned and his face is all "blank" just like that no sign of emotion or fear or anything at all, he's just like meh, he could have easily drove over the cat and finished him off and not care at all.

It got me wondering though, am I just too sensitive? or are really other people too unsensitive? I still have the image of the kitty with probably his neck hurt struggling reallyyyyy badly trying to get up from the floor it was terrible really v.v

it really makes you wonder, specially in big cities like mine, are people now just emotionless to what goes on around them? is it because of the places we live in? I don't know I mean, I've lived in this city my whole life and it still made me a lil upset and scared... like i couldn't stand the fact I had to go past the kitty and still make as if I didn't care I dunno. On top of that I got to school still kind of upset n all and I tell a friend what happened, and she makes a sarcastic remark saying I should have stopped to help the poor animal but she said it sort of making fun of me I was like awww ure so mean and we laughed n all but I didn't expect her to react that way either... I guess Im just too sensitive afterall? what do you think bout this?
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«  » by Sable Hilt
This forum probably isn't the best place to ask if you are sensitive, because the majority of the people on this forum are sensitive about things like what happened to you. I know I would have been devistated, and I would have felt so terrible. I don't think you are wrong for being so sensitive, I believe others are wrong for being too unsensitive. I hope for the best for the little kitten.
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«  » by Alexandre
I remember a story about Egypt several years ago, people in cars would actually accelerate to try and hit the stray dogs/cats that would have the misfortune to be on a road lol

Once my aunt in Greece run over a little cat at night and her attitude towards animals is very strong! her dogs are more important than her own daughter almost. I made fun of her the next day but it didn't please her at all! like if she was considering her self to be criminal! haha.

You seem very sensitive, I don't really know you but lets say you were very sensitive than you need to manage your emotion and structure them. Its not easy especially alone

Emotionally speaking what did you feel ?
Passivity: Impotence ( not able to save the little cat's life )
Culpability: fault/guilt ( you left it alone to die )

You not Superman/woman, you have other things than save everyone's life. ( you are too kind/nice ) its not always a good thing to be always nice...
Lets presume your felt guilty, you shouldn't feel so. You should if you stool the piece of bread of a starving African in Somalia but you didn't do so - and if you were to live in Somalia were there would be only one piece of bread for two person, you would be so nice, you would let the other one eat it and you starve to death.?
( my example is harsh but its just to put my point throw clearer)

We most forget that idea of ultimate Love, Peace and happiness. That we got brainwashed in, the world isn't like this. We all more a less Healthy mentally therefore its impossible for us to hurt/harm deliberately and kill people with AK47's. we are not bad person's, how can we hurt people ?
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«  » by Indiglow
Testing one 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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«  » by Tza 3DP
I stop 4 birds and stuff and dont like seeing dead animals or cruelty to them, and i apologise and accept i'll get a karmic payback wen i hav 2 kill a small bug.

But i cant blame people 4 not caring, look around u at the world! Work, problems, time, relationships.... then an animal- who gives a fuk! loool, if u see my point.
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«  » by FirstWave
I think the pressures of life keep people from caring about others. Many are wrapped up in their own problems or stress and could careless about anything else. It is a sad state of society in general.
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«  » by tmt
I was super cold last night and I usually am only cold when I don't have the blanket on me. But I actually turned off the a/c and turned on the heater. Something I very rarely do. Atmospheric pressure and tandem events make me sort of angry and sad at the same time and very touchy. Being a sensitive to earth energy - the motion and the plates moving, I sometimes throw up if its really sudden. It was a nice big and wildly interesting motion in the constellations overnight. The fast/slow motion that keeps bouyancy and stillness while moving at incredible faster than light speed. Amazing. Thank Youp for his precision and at the ready attitude. He knows his shit pretty freakin' good. I had no idea the whole multiverse was on such a rudimentary system of exchange. Youp is way ahead of his time, I know because when I inadvertently end up ahead of where I am in the Now, I can't hold onto anything and slip really easily. Like on ice, which I usually just run on like any other surface, or lack thereof.

I think I will blog this experience when I get home, if I can squeeze it in between admiring my Nickie and his relentlessly and ruthlessly stolid love of lifers. :) Those mooks just keep showering love in the strong arm fashion, no matter what.

FirstWave wrote:I think the pressures of life keep people from caring about others. Many are wrapped up in their own problems or stress and could careless about anything else. It is a sad state of society in general.
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«  » by Indiglow
FirstWave wrote:I think the pressures of life keep people from caring about others. Many are wrapped up in their own problems or stress and could careless about anything else. It is a sad state of society in general.

Pressures of life?
The pressures of life are because of and for all the cunts that are wrapped up in zombievil.
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«  » by drakke1
This is a simplistic, but not wholly invalid approach, perhaps. If you have a well developed "heart" it is very difficult, if not impossible, to act "coldly". That is - without compassion and caring for others including our animal and other friends. One could address the matter in terms of chakra development. Although there are far more than the mere 7 chakras oft discussed, that model is helpful. I have read that many, if not most, humans have only the first three chakras "developed" - especially the case in males. And it's the fourth chakra which is associated with "heart". Apparently, it takes some "work" to get the upper four firing away "properly". And, seemingly, most folks just don't have the time for such efforts, for whatever reasons. Especially, the "powerful" who are running the show. They are, needless to say, much too busy mired in hyper materialistic pursuits and with gazing at themselves in the mirror. That's a major reason things are the way they are on the planet. One day, perhaps.......
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«  » by skillet
I was getting ready to address this in the psychopath thread. Because your question validates some of my claims about how one-sided the information on psychopathy is.

I know people who hate animal rights. They believe animals shouldn't have rights. They don't know why people make such a big deal over extinction because it has been happening for a long time. Then there's the murderous abortion rights anti-life supporters who want nothing more than to kill.
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«  » by MiamiSound
People are numb. It could be chemicals in the water or food supply. Also television and mass media might have something to do with it. It could be a consequence of medication, who knows. There are too many explanations for that sort of behavior.
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«  » by mojo5040
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