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Invulnerability «  » by John Hamilton
I think I finally found out my limits today, lol. I've always been able to "psych" myself into being damn near indestructable, when the going gets tough. Today, i as driving my ATV at 60 miles per hour. I realized there was a steel gate up ahead, so I put on the breaks, but the ATV didn't slow down because here in Alaska it's spring time, and the snow is just beginning to melt, meaning I slid faster into a steel gate on a 500 puond vehicle going 60 miles per hour. The gate was relatively short; it was slightly taller than the fourwheeler, and I was hoping it may not hurt as bad. But I tried to jump off in the process and the steel beam hit me and launched me into a tree 20 feet away at 60 mph. In midair, I told myself that I was only flying for a couple feet, and that it wasn't that fast, so when I hit the tree at the speed and distance, My helmet got ripped away from my head, (the chin strap is a piece of crap), and I smashed my head into the tree as well. My mind told my body it wasn't a big deal, so whereas most people would've been killed instantly, I attained minimal injuries, because my mind told my body I was just going for a little ways, and at a slow speed, so i have a red mark on my hip, instead of an ER. I was in shock at first, and I couldn't quite figure out what happened. All the noises around me felt like echos, and there were bright lights all over. I tried moving my legs, and a part of me thought I had been paralyzed, but I was able to make it to my feet. The handle bars were laying next to me; 20 feet away from the fourwheeler as well. I made it along the dirt road until I got to the highway where i was able to get help. For some reason i took off all my winter clothes, and they were scattered all over. I then called my dad, and he was afraid i was calling from the hospital, and was surprised when he saw me walking with nothing but what looked like a small rash on my hip. I was limping a little though, lol. My dad then felt it was okay to be pissed at me, and I don't blame him. i deserved it. I cost him probably 2000 dollars in damage, and it was because I was being a stupid teenager, and for a sec, I almost felt normal...teens crash things all the time right? Well...I felt normal for a second. Then I felt like a freak, and my friends all think I'm jason bourne, and I just tell them I got lucky, because I don't want to be a freak anymore. I want to help people with my abilities, yes, but I don't want to let people on that I'm a freak, and it's stressing me out all the time, and I wish I would finally reach my limits and get killed, but I'm getting off topic, lol. Anyway, what are your ideas on the whole "mind over matter/invincibilty" thing?
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