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To the beautiful elegance that is the fall- It was my fall, was it from grace? Or was it simply a push that forces me further from what was? The fact remains that outside looking in isn't just a position anymore, its not even seen the way that so many others do. The swirling patterns, rivers of time and essences of its inconsistency to reality, or what is known beyond reality. The quantum forces of my own existence is non sequential all a myriad of dance steps to some larger performance. I can not know where I am going only where I have been, to step any further or make a dance flow like the motion of elegance is like moving the weight it carries the world of my view with it. Till something takes it away like a naughty child gets a toy taken away. The face contorted with discomforts and pain, only to look beyond the scope of focus to the beyond and see something less familiar but intrigue within it. The puzzle of a world beyond world to worlds unseen, That parallels a universe next to this as realities unfold, thanks to beliefs and choices and time that isn't linear. It is a wave of passion that excites the moment to trigger clarity, but through that transparent intangibility was I shattered through like molecules through solid state and beyond to find questioned glare. It is my road, the trail I blaze not that no one's crossed it but those who do are never sane, the sane are not what people think but they lock away the drivel of those who've gone mad and spit out the truths beyond their minimal comprehension and have lost themselves beyond the utter glass through which i passed through with a hand that was not mine. I passed through to the knowledge base that is darkened yet lit, only because it was a forced moment that shattered me to that. It isn't sadness that binds my chains but responsibility to know the things i have seen and witness longer to define the truths that none may listen or believe. It isn't just a truth but the actual view that I see a miniscule perception that can not grasp the significance of the precipice that I view. To the insanity awaiting me as i topple from its face, and downward my fall was not from grace.
Its amazing and wonderful, awe inspired the descent to another scope its nothing bad but that which people can not cope. The hopeless, despairing lost souls have hid away and run from this place i once traveled, to beyond the gates of a Hell that holds more torment am I that Devil of literature comments. Yes and No, the balance of myself is turned to face me and I start a war, a savage and brutal peaceful destruction and unification, to make a truth that was for me and me alone to face, the horrible and black inky abyss, but its not over not in the least for I have traveled miles and miles to make beyond the point of no return, I passed that a millinia ago and never looked back but to the force of change that once pushed me through that force that inspired a fall and a journey and view. To those who know a similar route I say that not one of us knows what is truly seen but it is incomprehensible and filling the mind to push ever onward to see whats outside. I will see one day the true view of it all and when i do I shall smile a cunning smile and fall...
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