True indigo, spiritually awaken

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True indigo, spiritually awaken «  » by zay
I am new , today is my first time..I have start off...I have always been spiritual, I grew up in a church , but it was always boring, because there was something odd about chrisitanity "the bible"...having dozen different interpretations...someone was and me being able to feel spirits everywhere, my primenitions can around the age of 10...full started out as small things,,occuring weeks apart ...then would stop me in my tracks when it occured..I always been different, never with the "in crowd". My whole life I sucked in school but manage to give people much older and younger advice on life...experiences I have yet to undergo but could help someone out about it....I always been sensitive to spirits,others feelings... I'm 27 and I just read about indigo yesterday....and I read characteristics of adult indigo...and. I have every experience and quality 3x over...except electronic sensitive...but what I read from my minimum research of 2 days...indigo,children/or adult..are angels incarnated in human form, but being of flesh, they forget their true self but always feel out of place in this world because they r of spiritual world..question..I read a lot saying that u can become a indigo with how do you become something that it seems u must be born of? My mom always said there was something special. Kids are drawn to me...and I mean kids would just stare at me, grab my hand, infants to around 7..and I always believed kids can see into adults since they haven't been corrupted by the world yet, so they are spiritually very much connected to everything.and. I believe I am a indigo... but if that's true, I'm not understanding the grow more spiritually? And then what?... I can feel something bigger then myself inside of me but don't know what to do..and bothering, if I am sent from heaven or whatever ,to live a life of being different and alone because of my true selve...there has to be a a good reason,better reason then to just be spiritual and happy... there's a reason we all was born, with either the same ability but basically experienced life the same way...if indigo are the gaurdians,path layers for crystal children then simply just being happy is not gonna make a dent in this world today...there is something much more greater to us, a mission much more important..if we are here. To change the world...then we can't do it seperatedly as individuals..." many small rocks can make small ripples, that's effective but will soon fade away, but if u put all the rocks together, it can make a huge wave that can change the earth indefinitley"
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«  » by andrij
i like the rock ripple and wave thing. welcome
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«  » by h0bby1
it is forbideen to throw rocks on the etheric field of this planet thx ! :D
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«  » by andrij
lol what can be to test ripple ?
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«  » by quietwolf11
Thank you and I feel much the same way. I was raised Roman Catholic and when I left home, I became spiritual.
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