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Hi, i'm chris. I googled "i don't feel human" after my most recent experience where my soul was free from my body again and this sight popped up and looked cool. i dont even know where to begin with my intro. My life has been a rollercoaster of mystic and sacred events. I've been called 7th generation by numerous Native Americans i have spent time with, been called a Dreamwalker, angel, Pledian, Pilgrim of the New World, spirit, warrior of the light and all sorts of other titles by people that i have great respect for. I feel like i am just me, whatever the heck that is LOL! Never been called an Indigo though. Some have referred to me as a Golden, in particular the last time when i was in Palenque. But what is in a title? People dont believe me when i tell them the things that have happened to me, so i dont try anymore. I recently finished a personal timeline of my "life" since birth this time around to now to help me realize that this stuff really happened and remember why i have such a tough time living a normal life even though i try so hard and blend in so well. It's like the universe just wont let me. every where i go intense stuff happens. One would have to be me to realize that this life has been crazy ridiculous,would have to experience the odds defying events that have happened one after the other. But no one can walk in anothers shoes and i dont expect any special recognition. I'm here to listen first, share second and am open to questions of any nature anytime. Hope you are all doing well. I have realized many helpful forms of remaining strong and sane and am more than happy to share those, probably methods most of you already know: meditation, dreamwalking, aikido thought and conversational methods, constructive emotional release tactics, yoga, healthy living, and so on. thanks for being here, good beings, and blessings.
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Hello Chris! You will find a very different definition of normal on this site. Lol Welcome.
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welcome !
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