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negative thoughts affecting others «  » by cerise333
I have noticed a lot of times by now, that when I'm having negative thoughts I affect people around me or when I'm really angry, mad, sad... etc... lately though it has gotten worse, sometimes when I get angry at people or felt like they did something really bad to me if I get super angry and don't forgive them or whatever, something happens to them, I've noticed this a few times already and it has happened too often to be called coincidence by now, I'm really worried now though cause it's the second time something ...big... happens... and it's gotten out of hand, I know you might be thinking that I shouldn't blame myself over things that happen to other people but basically if I think "ah this should happen to them so they can recognize this this and this..." it happens and I just can't believe what happened this time, I am feeling guilty because I held grudges against this person and this shouldn't have happened but it did and I knew it would... right now though I want to make things ok for this person that I feel like I've wronged her but she's staying away from me...

like I said though it has gone from people having just dumb things happen to them like tripping on the sidewalk, losing something (significant to the conflict in some way), being bullied, robbed, to sickness, breaking an arm, leg... and worse, much much worse...I'm not going to go into detail but, at first I tried to convince myself it wasn't me or that it wasn't my fault because you know those things happen and it's normal but it has caught my attention that everything that happens is always related to the conflict I have with the person in mind and it also only happens when I get stuck in something like if I get angry at someone and cannot let go of it or think about it too much as well... I know what you're gonna say that I'm probably blamming myself too much but I swear I'm not in fact when it was just "normal" things I wouldn't even think of the issue (although I did make connections in the back of my mind- and to be honest even sometimes thought "well karma's a bitch") this time though it's been getting worse than before, so I feel like i need to ask, has anyone had something similar happen to them? if so how did you deal with it? what did you do to help those people afterwards?
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«  » by lillies1978
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«  » by Anarchitect
maybe you are just picking on the energy of person, or things happening on some layer, like some mecanics at play more than really wanting them to happen
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«  » by Anarchitect
generally when i know i'm this kind of mood with a person, i try to avoid them the more possible, if i don't want bad things to happen to them, i prefer to be disconnect most possible from ppl who make me having this kind of energy in mind, otherwise , well it is not my fault if something bad happen to them, technically lol
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«  » by myriadharbour
I agree with Anarch. When I'm in this kind of mood I also try to avoid them as much as possible (it's hard if you make it). I also want to add: get rid of any negative energy/thoughts and only let the positive thoughts/energy in. When the mind is left idle (internet/tv/movies/drugs) it will default to negativity so do something fun for yourself that doesn't involve her. Try pampering yourself and enjoy life, or be productive and accomplish things. If you live in the suburbs or out in the country go outside at night, look up at the stars, listen to music outside. Try to find enjoyment out of nature and check out everything other than her. Be at one with nature, yourself, and others around you and you'll be fine. :)
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«  » by Visioneer
cerise333 wrote: what did you do to help those people afterwards?

You can help them by thinking positive thoughts about them, these thoughts have to be honest in your heart though, just like the negative ones you had before... and positive things will happen to them. Don't ask why this happens, it just does more than ever lately lol. Repetitive thoughts and honesty is the key...
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«  » by seamist
cerise333 wrote: so I feel like i need to ask, has anyone had something similar happen to them? if so how did you deal with it? what did you do to help those people afterwards?

I can see how that can happen. I havent hurt anyone in the way you are doing there eg basically like cursing someone using thoughts. The way it happens is kind of chaos magic.. you are wanting to teach people lessons or make them pay.. and that then takes on form.

But I did once ACCIDENTLY psychically attack my sister when very angry at her (she slept with my boyfriend and lied to me about it), the psychic attack entered her reality like a physical thing and caused her to panic and her head almost ended up throu a going ceiling fan due to her actions due to her panic. The moment the energy left me.. my sister started to terrified scream (I was hit with instant guilt. her scream was aweful, not something one forgets easy)..

This whole incident lead me to realise I need to take a lot of care if I get angry and make sure that energy dont go out towards others as it took its own shape and form (it created a giant spider which wasnt real but looked real so she reacted in a very real way (shes not used to psychic stuff so she thought it was real) .. jumping up on top of things in a room screaming hence why her head nearly ended up in the ceiling fan) and thou not in the way you are causing harm.. my sister could of ended up seriously injured thou due to her reaction to what my energy did. It could of made her crash a car or go over a boucany. Maybe things like this cause other to trip or fall down stairs, even if they didnt see it.

I was in shock for a long time after the incident at what could of happened to her.. It made me aware.. that I NEED to control my energy and not allow any big bursts of anger out and not allow it to build to any kind of level like that in the first place. Sounds like thou your situation is a little different.. but you need to learn the same. (unfortuantely doing harm like this also brings us negative karma).

You can help the people afterwards by gathering that energy you sent out their way.. and neutralising it. (you could send it into a bowl of salt water or into the sea). Think of it being destroyed. .. and then send out positive energy their way (think it and feel it). But most of all..learn to contain your own negative energy and try not to allow it to build to the level its doing harm in the first place. My sister was scared of me of a time after that incident... I had to do a lot of talking to her and it took time for her to become okay with what had happened. (I had to tell her as she wouldnt let us stop trying to search the room for the dinner plate sized spider which came at her which didnt really exist.. she was hysterical and wouldnt calm down).

If you get a grip over controlling your emotions and the reality around you.. you could become quite a powerful manifestor of those things you do want.

Best wishes

ps.. anything you do.. you should be able to undo (unless you've physically caused damage but one can even usually fix that too with energy and intent) if you express opposite equal energy

I suggest not to meditate if you are quite angry.. as that is how I attacked my sister. I'd sat down to meditate with the aim that I was going to try to calm down... but then just became aware of the ball of anger and with the awareness it further build up and I allowed it to (as I didnt know what it would just go and do thou I knew it was about to do something).. then it just exploded out of me as one big thing. Its like meditation with anger just enabled me to have more energetic awareness and focus in a bad way.
Exercising it out may be a better way if you feel angry at something.

Sitting down for 10mins daily and visualizing any anger you have going into a bowl of salt water (put a handful of salt in it) for several months may prove to be useful. Work on getting any bottled anger out.
I have a prayer and visualization you can do if you want (to work on your heart chakra and crown.. working on the heart can help with anger issues and lack of forgiveness issues). Pm me if you wish me to write it out.
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