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15th February, 2008

Greetings, dear ones, I AM Sadiyaa . . . I greet you in Love, in all of my Light, on this momentous day . . . a day of transition, into a new Light. For as each day unfolds, it brings with it, a new journey begun: a new experience of Love, as you rapidly move yourselves towards the Fourth Light.

The journey unfolds now, at a rapid pace: to keep your bearings, in this month of the yin-yang of the two, requires a diligence of pursuit, of that which you would truly envision to be your path. Maintain your focus, on that which you would bring forth, dear Hearts: allow not yourself to be swayed to another's course – stay aligned to your own.

And where you may say, to such as I, that "I have no understanding, of what that might be", I would say to you this: it is there in your knowing; go, seek it out – through Prayer, Meditation, that which is known as Sleepstate Programming – requesting of the part of your Light that is of the world of Spirit, to show to you the path, the opening door now.

Be assured, you will indeed perceive of it in your thought systems, at some level: if it is not at this moment in your conscious Being, as you perceive of it to be, look around you, at those who reflect to you, your Light – your family, your friends, your co-workers – are you content, with what they reflect to you now, of yourself? Or is there a yearning, to be on some other path – thus, it is there to be sought out, and brought forth. Where you find contentment, gratitude, and joyous laughter, be assured, you are already on the path you have chosen yourself to be part of, at this moment.

Yours is it ever to choose, dear precious Lights: yours, to determine, what is the Truth of your Heart; for it is indeed, only of that level of understanding of your own journey now, that will take you into the awakenedness of the next level of your Light. Seek out, the finest nuances of your own Light: what is it, that delights you, to your very Soul? What do you bring forth from your Heart, as you stand before all Light? I assure you, it is not often what the mind may think it to be: it is far grander, far bolder, than you give yourself permission to be, for the most part on this plane of Earth. For those of you, who willingly stand before Light, and bring forth of your awareness, of the Beauty, the Greatness, of your own Light, I congratulate you: you have understood, the beauty of this experience, at this time of the Shift in Consciousness.

Be not afraid, to show yourself now: reveal that, which is to you, in readiness to be revealed now to those around you; for it is not to make the overly dramatic statement, that I would ever seek of your Being: it is, to know, and to Honour, the Truth of your Light. Seek out those of like mind, who will honour your Light, and there you will find the path, to create as you might.

Where your Light is present to this plane of conscious awareness now, as the gift that it is, able to honour and celebrate all Lights, for each plays their part in the grand and wonderful experience that is of Earth, there is far greater celebration, than you could imagine, from our place in the worlds of Light. For it is when you have the courage, the willingness, to accept all parts of Self: when you recognise, that all others, are you in some other suit of clothing, in another time and occurrence, then shall you begin to understand, the power of the Light, to change and shift itself, into new ways of Being, that it experience there also.

The gift that you are, is here, for the grandest of adventures it is possible to be part of, in the Human experience thus far: it is, of such importance, such magnitude, that many a Being of Light has come forth onto the planet, in the disguise as Human Light. Be you one of them, you will know: that your path is to awaken now, to hold the flow, that others might perceive of it in Love, and find their pathway into the Light that is Love, with you. And as one joins with another, and another, and another, the Heart Lights are lighted across the face of the planet, connected into the knowingness you know as Gaia, connected, woven into, all Light: thus will the Shift be recognised – not from above, for that is not the path of awakening now: it is to be celebrated, in every Heart, that you stood forth in the fullness of your Essence, and in that knowing of Self, began to create, as you would create, that which sustains you, yes: that which holds in your knowing, the most Light of all that you might accomplish now, in the timeframe remaining to you for this journey now.

We in the worlds of Light, are using more of our powers, than ever before: to speak with you, to be heard, to be encouraging of your Light, to step into that which we can see: the Love, the laughter, the celebration that follows, is what we seek to share with you, already. For it is in that feeling, of joyous celebration, that the Love can come forth: that you perceive of your Oneness, with all of Creation. Sit not about in your sadness – create! Choose to experience, some form of creation this day, be it a hobby, a gift for another, a blessing to the Self – let yourself be free, to experiment, to play in what is available to you in this very moment. For it is as you choose to celebrate, that the Higher Self, the Core Light, the Essence of you, shares with you, its Light, as fully as it might, in the Loving acceptance you have of your own Light, in that moment.

Yours is the journey of creation now: create that which connects Heart Light to Heart Light; that which delights your Heart. Bring forth of your gifts of knowingness to others, as they seek to receive of them. Be not shy, of your abilities to heal, to smile, to shine your Love to another; write your stories, paint, create: create the dream of your life, and watch it unfold, as you bring the Love of You, your Higher Self, your Entourage, to it now. For it is a Blessed Light of Creation that you are: you have powers beyond your knowing, that are magnified in Love, by Love, for Love itself, in unlimited Creation.

We Love you so: I AM Sadiyaa, of the Council of Love, which has in its number of six, my own Light, that of Tikele, the Master Guide Kirael, Master Jesus, the Magdalen of the Goddess Light, and the Chancellor of Le-Mu-Ri-A. Others, such as the Great Blue Whale of the Cetacean world, flow in on occasion: we hold you, in the Love of the Master Jesus, of the Goddess weave of Love, of the power and Magnificence of Creation: for this You ARE.

And so it is.

loving blessings,

I have been channeling a weekly message since April 2003, and it has taken me on a profound journey of healing and transformation. I hope that you too will find these messages of value, connecting our hearts as Lightworkers, and providing loving support as we move through each week. There's more about me and what I do on the website, check it out at: * * *
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