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The Hookup «  » by Nam3lessOne
So, per usual, this subforum has been the centre of highly emotional displays of loneliness and utter discouragement from not establishing a qualifying relationship (most often a Twin Flame relationship). I don't mean to nerf the idea or speak down to anyone or anything, but perhaps, since individuals here feel the need to emit such emotion out in the open amongst their peers,... specifically spiritual peers,... then perhaps there is some kind of use in creating a channel of potential connection between lonesome individuals.

Naturally, of course, long term relationships are typically difficult to hold together. Go figure.
Lets just ignore that notion for just a moment.

This thread is a place to treat as a personal for each individual who feels inclined in tempting synchronicity for their friendship, romantic, or kinship desires.


Call it a shot in the dark. =)

Feel free to provide information on what type of person you are attracted to, atop of whatever you wish to share about yourself.
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hahaha, great thread.
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