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Moderation application requests will be here. Open to the public to review people who would like to volunteer.
Name: AndrewSH

About you: i consider my self a Universalist(rev.) as far as my spirituality, my adult awakening i feel came to a life changing point on 14/2/11: i will look to Krishna-Ganesha-Christ-Sophia-Isis-Mary-Shiva/Shakti ...
But mostly Myself.

i write and play woodwind and stringed instruments, waiting to own a piano. i DJ'd Goa+DnB for several years at raves and clubs.

Age: 8/78 Currently 33

Knowledge of Indigo Society Rules outline here:

IS is a family all ages content web-site, so the content should be suitable for a person of any-age to happen upon.
judgmental/racist/harmful statements about others view, creed or way of life in general are intolerable. be considerate of others.

plagiarism - trolling - flaming - off-topic conversation are all actions that will or can warrant a warning, or more.

common sense

Experience moderating from other forums:

i have only been active on one other Bulletin-Board, and for 5 of the counting 11 years i moderated there, in a busy sub-forum, dealing with sensitive-content dedicated to the 'darker side of life'.
ask please

Activity Level: i am new, but wish to offer my time and thought. for me there is all the time in the world for now.

Forums you're interested in & want to [COLOR="#40E0D0"]inspire[/COLOR]:

Making A Difference
Psychology & Sociology

Other comments:
"Nous sommes l'un l'autre"-"We are the sum of eachOther"
the only thing i really pray for is equality, and that,
is what i wish to share.


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Please pick up to 3 that you really want to be a part of. That's a bit many at the moment. :)
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~ hahahah

no im not so sure if i could swing all that...

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