Newbie!!GAH so do not like that label

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, we're all friendly here.
Newbie!!GAH so do not like that label «  » by Madeline
Anyways, I'm Madeline. Looking for friends on here:)
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«  » by makwaiskwew
Well welcome
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«  » by rabana
hi and welcome :)

stick around and make some posts and soon you'll be an oldy. remember-- 1 month=1year on the internet. :)
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«  » by Aelunc
hello hope you have a great time here full of spiritual enlightenment similar to you i don't like the title newbie either but what the hell does it matter the real thing is based on actions not an internet title oh and a happy new year. (:-)
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«  » by StarryEyes
Welcome Madeline! (love your name by the way)
Hope you can find what you're searching for here! :)
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