What were your New Year's resolutions?

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I'm interested in what the community wanted to commit to for the New Year. I also want to keep an eye on this thread and check up on it and make sure everyone is still committed to their original intentions. This should be an encouraging experiment!

My New Years resolution was to stay true to happiness and worrying less about money. I've been fixated too much on "work" consuming my life. I'd like to sit down, and smell the flowers and enjoy what I want to do without feeling guilty.

What are your resolutions? Are you staying true to them?
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by magonia
Start a fresh, remove dead wood, and have a productive year, and learn more about what really is important in my life, which is sprituality, health, education and importantly... balance.
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Not to make any more resolutions!
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by anton
I guess my resolution is: to forgive myself.
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last year i built an aquarium that holds 10,000 lites of water, i wanted to see could i do it and push myself just to see how much stress i could manage.

this year i,m relaxing, however i will go deeper into myself just to see me a bit better.
sean mac aoide
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Making resolutions never worked for me. Based on the new philosophy/method I currently follow, while I still make long-term aspirations, I live today and make my goals for today. One of my annual goals is to write a screenplay, so I spend at least 3 or 4 hours every day working on it (whether I'm researching, writing or editing). And, with this in mind, unless I'm wiped out somehow, the screenplay will be finished at this rate. Absolutely. And, with that, the goal will be reached.

I have also taken steps to improve in my acting, and I'm doing my best to network... and not to think too much about all the difficulties, the low chance of success, but to focus on what I'm doing and to do it well, without regrets.

That's really all.
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by Faol
My new years resolution is to treat myself with more respect. Hold firmly to my morals. Last year was about letting my values and beliefs be destroyed. This year is about new things.
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true to myself

[COLOR="#FF8C00"][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Yes, I have decided, at the grand old young age of nearly 52 in the nearly last degree of Aquarius next month. I have resolved to finally be as true to myself as I can be every day, in every way and to keep on keeping on with my best life's mantra, moderation in everything, including moderation - I am a mix of several signs and certainly not overly Aquarain ('only' have the Sun in it) - Scorpio, Saggi, Cappy, and Pisces being my main mix fairly evenly and with the Uranian Leo nearly oppsoite my Aquarian cuspal sun very much of this time, meant to be here as a wayshower on top of electing to sifti out and through so much karmic stuff - I am part of everything and HAVE to be true to myself to co-create the world into what it truly is. Enough said. <3:)
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Mine was pretty broad and is basically just to live a healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyle. Part of it was to quit smoking cigarettes, at which I'm doing pretty well. I slipped up a few times but I've been going days, even weeks at a time without smoking which is a major improvement. :)
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I'm going to stay balanced. For me that involves eating only those things that my body likes, including more relaxation time, and staying as free from stress as I possibly can.
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Interesting experiment. :)

Past quite-a-few-years running i've gone into the New Year with a theme or word to focus on, and shortly thereafter some animal association came along. This year I find myself peculiarly theme-less. I won't make a resolution as a badge/motto focus but will acknowledge what it seems to be the underlying current is going to happen to be:

I think the focus this year is on working through the woven tapestries of themese and symbols and syncrhronisitc-associative psi-tangle cycles to acknowledge a balanced, core truth-of-self awareness and genuine opendoor communication with the one I call Psi. no clutter. find the still point. mind you, my parrot is a flingy litter-bug.
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by mogaly
So, I've been trying to stick to my guns since new years. On a private matter, but one I have had some struggle with ---nothing serious. I get home, and when ready to give in, I hear my email ding. I get the email from Daniel encouraging me. Most synchronistic email I have ever received. Thank you Daniel for giving me that extra boost I needed. Good luck to all with their goals.
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I resolved to find a safe place to live where I can thrive and prepare for the arrival of m2 first child in June. Already accomplished.
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by pebble
I resolved to go deeper and be more committed to my yoga practice, this is my 4th week practicing daily plus classes with twice a day meditation.
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by andrij
i will live in the forest and know my surroundings
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I looked at my family on December 31st and said a prayer that in a year's time they would be happier and healthier. you would have to understand my life to understand why I would say this. But maybe its meaningful out of context.
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I did not write any resolution on paper but yet I intend to:

1) Get back in the corporate world and utilize all my skills and abilities that have been placed on the back burner for the last few years.
2) Travel to India.
3) Find a partner that fits me on the intellectual, spiritual and mystical level (it does not work when otherwise, tried it several times). I find that my energy is too high for them
and they shrivel eventually. One partner actually said he is lucky he is still alive and he thanks God for it...Trust me I am still laughing....
4) Get back into dancing (have spent the last four months traveling from VA to NM, AK, CA visiting high energy places and hiking to my heart's content).
5) Remain happy and healthy and rejuvenate.

As of the first week of January, I started applying for work and have been diligent at it. I am even applying for jobs outside the US.... At the same time, I started collecting all kinds of information on India, just in case money falls into my hands :).... I have not put myself out there yet for the partner since I want a job first..... Dancing is not yet in the picture either until I find work..... As far as happy and healthy are concerned, I make it a business of mine minute per minute to fight for my health and my happiness. I am pretty successful at it....Rejuvenate!!!! hummmmm.... I stare at myself continuously in the mirror and I profess my love for myself and hope that my youth will come back hahahahahah
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I don't have any resloutions at all, but I am committed to just live purely on what I feel and what intuition tells me, finally I feel as if I'm not alone in my battle for a better world, I feel like this time I can make a chenge, so I am going to start practising what I preach and squat, try to live as much without money as possible, and make my world a free world in all aspects
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Starting a Fortune 500 business so I can worry less about money. Become trained in MMA by year's end to where I can enter at a minimum an amateur MMA match and survive.

Keeping true so far.
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My biggest resolution is to allow myself time off of work so I can dedicate myself to inner growth: every day a few hours off, every week at least one day off and at least two weeks off in summer. My resolution is to live and not just work.
I resolve not to be tired.
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