Is this life on Venus?

Are they out there? Some believe they've seen them in person. Some even say they are reptiles. What do you say?
Is this life on Venus? «  » by magonia

Life can and does exist in all sorts of extreme environments, no doubt even beyond our understanding. Venus is one of the harshest climates, yet could life even exist on this world?

"A Russian scientist claims to have discovered life on Venus after analysing photographs taken by a Soviet probe that landed on the planet's surface 30 years ago."

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«  » by Mister Mxyzptlk
Actually that is a monopoly piece I lost about 45 years ago when I was on venus looking for life. The battle ship piece.

In all seriousness life has been found in so many environments on earth reaching into some extreme places but since they have not found any evidence that life thrives in molten lava a fire place in pools of methane, or anywhere near a nuclear reaction I still believe life has its limits and it wont be found alive on mercury venus or the surface of the sun. That is my opinion.
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«  » by Galacticnomad
There WAS life on Venus, only the ancient ruins remain. The Venusians (unlike Earthlings) worked together as a society, practiced "The Law of One" and quickly developed interdimensional space travel before our Sun, which is a varible star, emitted a fatal blast of radiation that wiped out the dinosaurs and all life on Venus. The Venusians traveled to Alpha Centuari and presently inhabit 7 worlds. Elizabeth Klarer wrote an excellent account in her autobiography. In 1975 she told her story and was given an ovation by scientists from 22 countries. I have also found information about Venus in the "Ra Material".
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«  » by AmentiHall
I have also heard, that on Venus there is a small "contained city" there that houses a portal for the ascended venusians to come and go from where they are to here. Venus also = Lucifer. So in some ways, the light of Venus is very present on our planet.
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«  » by Rydeon
Could be that it's underground, that's the only safe place to physically exist from the intense heat and poison in the air.
Also can't be seen by satellites and probes...
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