Not sure who or what they were...any one else have a vision like this?

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While I was recovering from a painful biopsy last Friday, I was semi conscious in my bed, drifting in and out of sleep. I was dizzy, nauseated, and in a lot of pain. At some point I had what was either a lucid dream, hallucination, or a vision. I was in a bright outdoor room, like a tall gazebo made out of marble. I could see pink sky with some fluffy clouds not many, and a tall mountain with some ocean. I had two goddess like beings at my side (I was laying on some sort of table) they were really tall, with faces much larger than mine, and they looked quasi human. Sort of elongated features, much like a byzantine painting. Their skin was the same color as sand and they wore long flowing robes with silk swirls embroidered on them. They had long curly hair that had no end. Their eyes were beautiful and were just BIG- like they were wearing large circle contact lenses. One leaned over and smiled saying "Don't worry, we'll fix you, just pray. Its going to be alright" and I woke up.

I'm thinking they were angels? They didn't have the stereotypical glow about them though.

My pain hasn't exactly left since I had the procedure but I am a lot calmer. any thoughts?
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Sounds like angels..
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That just sounds amazing.
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