2D beings?

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I'm not sure exactly how to describe this, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen beings that seem to manifest themselves as 2D images? This has only happened in my mind's eye when meditating, and once in a "flash" when I was fully conscious. They sort of appear like a computer image or a graphic colored illustration. The best way to describe it - - it's almost like looking at a very colorful lifelike 2D animation.

One time I had an image of a pair of human eyes appear in my mind like a gray pencil sketch. Also, one time, I had an image of what seemed to be a very weird, futuristic-looking car appear this way.

It's really odd. :confused: I don't know if it's actually beings choosing to project themselves this way (or to project the image of an object), or if it is a product of my own mind/imagination.

Any thoughts? :)
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Your brain is just taking things from everyday life and applying them to your visions/dreams. It could quite possibly mean something, although in my personal opinion, I don't think that it's supposed to be taken literally. Try to interpret what a 2-D image could mean. Hope I helped at all :) Happy meditation!
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by leila
yeah i agree with wtt, its like a dream image...your mind telling you something, playing with patterns...
*the mind's eye*

i see stuff like that all time. but i am artist, so i see stuff like that on paper and then i paint it or make it.
sometimes i have visions of futuristic cars too, these ones i see hop
sort of hop

well not all the time, and yeah usually with my eyes closed...but i can "vision" like that....see shapes and patterns
its like being awake and dreaming
endogenous brain drugs for dreaming/visioning flowing
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