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Man and tellurism

The sixteenth letter of the alphabet

"You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Gospel of St. Mark III-6-And Simon becomes Peter!
The tone is set by the biblical scriptures. Subtle nuance of words ... magic of words ... Of the Word? Time of humanity is it not imperfect? Writing plays a lowercase letter and capitalize on another ... and man became suddenly, on the sixteenth letter of the alphabet, durable material and eternal!

The sound of the four elements

Stone, mineral, chthonic, are one and the same material as multifaceted representative of the solid unchanging four essential elements of our knowledge: Earth, Water, Air, Fire.
This element (mineral) is one that stabilizes the door and creation. Earth and everything comes back to it all. While some symbols are sometimes of stone an inert, heavy, without conscience, they are probably there to fill in its duality and its essential and vital balance. The Mineral Rights is the first media representation and its culture.

Mother Earth

It is within caves, rock shelters, caves that humanity will find a refuge from his first, on the other hand supporting its primitive rituals that will be paintings, wall findings ... also often traced themselves with direct products of the mineral!
And life, protection, hunting, fear, respect and hope will retain full mineral sector. Then it will be in Mother Earth, generous entity matrix, the man confided the mystery of death, but also its ultimate survival hopes of possibly different in its principles, to his relatives went to sleep the last sleep .

The bone age and

It is obvious that the last remnants of the dead man are his bones. The latter, despite their human origin, are composed of minerals. The mineral, stone ... solid, hard, but easy to work under specific conditions, give the man an extension of his hand and superiority over the animal kingdom. Here begins the great nuance between the terms and Anima Animal!
And humanity will be born through the work of paleontology, scientifically known as an era of "Stone Age". Thus, standing, a creature devoid of any natural defenses: fangs, claws, beaks, scales, shells, speed, suddenly became "Paleolithic Man" is to say "stone"!

And then constructs

Construction will follow by having the stone is the image of a responsible culture to survive, not only the test of time, but especially to the most ferocious damage: those men! Arise megaliths of all kinds, the pyramids, enclosures and defense of life ... but also later for the West, incredible and extraordinary spiritual buildings, whether Romans or Goths. The latter extend forever propelling the material, with its tiny human passenger, in the infinity of the Spirit.

And the stone became sacred

The shepherd found a polished stone ax or cut to make "the Stone of Lightning". The latter, loaded with a power that wants extraordinary man, will defend his herd of natural attacks ... and supernatural!
For the eastern countries, the betyl, round stone, smooth and black, will be sent by benevolent gods.
The Greeks will develop an Omphalos stone embodying the navel of the world, and thus the bond between Man to the Universe through the Earth.
Phoenicians and Syrians will have their green color stones symbolizing the stars and the planet Venus ...
Atum giving impetus to the first human couple "Heliopolis, a sacred stone symbolize the birth of this hill.
The Kaaba of the Islamists ... fantastic black stone "also launched" embodies the location of Mecca whose travel is essential to the Muslims.
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