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i'm new here and just found this forum today. i was looking around and reading some random threads and am very intrigued. i always knew i was different as a child and after doing research in the past two years or so and listening to myself (or my heart), i knew right away that i am an indigo. it is just now that i am seeking to talk with other indigos or anyone with similar experiences as well as share mine!
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hi and welcome,
sean keyes
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Welcome to one of the most friendliest communities! ;)
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hey livbear ;)

well have fun and expect the unexpected here... you'll find things in here very interesting :p

and enjoy
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fred aus indo
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Hi and welcome to enhanced consciousness!!!!
Go(o)d luck !
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hello and welcome : )
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hi =)
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Hey, fair warning it's not always so friendly here. Every now and again people challenge ideas then feelings get hurt...but on the bright side. you learn from the arguments and NOTHING is personal and when everything is said and done people are fine.. and friends
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