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What am I? «  » by randomguy
Hello everybody,

First of all: I'm not a native speaker, so I hope you don't judge me by my english grammar.

My name is alex, I'm 17 and I live in Germany.

I'm just here to get an objective view on the topic "Indigo".

I was very often called an "Indigo". First I thought the people who said that were just joking me with some weird phantasy names but after I typed this into google I found a whole load of information on what an "Indigo" is.
Honestly, I don't really believe in esotheric stuff. I believe in science and my own logic, and everything I read about "seeing the aura" and "being special" was just a bit weird for me.

I mean, even my parents believe I am such an "indigo", but I cannot get used to the idea. Frankly I think that's even a bit funny.
The things that I read about the properties of an indigo are very general and many people match them.

You may ask why I am here then?
I'm here because I never just regret something. Before I create my own opinion I search for facts that help me deciding. I just found this forum with google so I thought somebody could help me here:

Why people think I am an indigo?
Whats so special about them? (already googled, but the information differed very much)
What would be the advantage of being one?
Why should I believe that there is something like an "indigo" person?
What else can you tell me, that I should know?

To answer the first question you may need some information about me.
I will just name things that I think they're not normal:

- I'm quite "popular" in class, but I totally change myself for that. It's really hard for me to interact with people. My behavior for social interactions is totally adjusted to fit into the standard, but in reality I have the feeling that I would not fit anywhere and no one would get along with my real character.

- I think I lost/never got some standard social interaction skills:
- I never got a girlfriend... never even kissed a girl. Why? Because I really don't know how I to build up emotional contact with a girl. I have feeling that I need somebody and there are also some girls that are interested in me, but I just don't get in contact with them because like I said. I don't know how to build an emotional connection to those. I have the felling like I'm waiting for somebody who will never come...

- I always think "too scientific" but I'm also creative and can dream about everything. It's just... I like facts and I believe in logic. That's maybe the reason why I don't believe in any religion
- I always want to be special and recognized
- I really have the urge to change like... everything... everyday. I always think there would be a better solution for something, but my dream job is definetely not in politics
- Even if it sometimes sounds like I'm vain... I'm not. I think it's just hard for me to express myself properly, because I always try to tell the facts, even if they may sound vain.
- I can't really concentrate on one little thing. That's why I think I want to found a company or do something where I can combine all my skills, instead of just doing a regular job somewhere, because I fear the fact of doing the exact same thing, every day, for 30 years. Rather I would jump off a bridge.
- I really hate school, but I'm definetely not lazy. For example: I LOVE Astronomics/Astrophysics and can spend hours on watching video streams from universities. On the other side it's often impossible for me to pay attention in class or to do my homework or to learn for exams...
- I'm not dumb... Just wanted to say this. It's not like I don't understand what they do in school, but it's just so incredibely boring. I just hate it... And this also shows on my grades. Many people measure intelligence with grade so most of my teachers just think I'm not intelligent enough for this
- I often have problems with authorities and rules. It's not like I just want to make anything worse, but I often hate how antiquated many thinking structures are
- I always have the feeling that language is far too limited to express myself. Or: I know what I want to say, but I can't say it because everything I think seems somehow to be encrypted and when I want to talk I don't know how to translate it. Sounds weird, but this describes best what happens.
- I hate traditions in any way. I hate it when people don't like to change, even if they know it's logically right. I just hate it when the whole world don't want to change because of an odd "traditional" reason...
- Same for religion

And honestly I'm often depressive because I don't know what I have to do, what will happen with me, why nobody understands me and why I can't build up a real emotinal connection to somebody...

If you need something to know about my character, just ask.

I know this is a long post, but I hope somebody can answer my questions.

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«  » by silvercharm
hi alex,
i live in country that doesn't speak english as 1st language too, i don't care my grammars are correct or not, the point is others can understand what i'm talking about. LOL

honestly i don't care whether someone is an indigo or not.
i think that everyone is special, it's not what we are but what we do.
i believe in karma though. :p

about the indigo characteristics, i think that's too common.
most of the youngsters nowadays have most even all of the indigo characteristics. :)

for the psychic abilities, i guess someone doesn't has to be born as an indigo/crystal/rainbow or whatever to have the psychic abilities.

in my opinion, everyone could be a psychic if willing to study and practice.
it's just that there are people which are gifted to be a psychic.
in school, there are students that could get good mark for the tests because of they were studied hard and there are also students that could get good mark for test with less efforts that we used to called genius.

i join this forum to learn and find the logical answers of mysteries in my life. LOL
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«  » by Jishnu Ray Chowdhury
THerefore everything is made up of energy. You are energy, i am energy, all are energy. If you try you can fell the energy flowing through your body. This energy is chi using which the expert kung fu monks can do all the incredible things.

This chi is also your's spiritual energy or your soul. This energy is the real you not the body. Even if the physical body dies this energy will live eternally.(since energy cant be destroyed)
look around you, the beauty of nature the structure of all animals. Everything is perfectly designed.

Therefore There is a mastermind behind all this . This is the mind of God.

The whole system is god.
You can say that the system is the body of god whereas the source or the mastermind behind all the creations is the brain and we all are the parts of this body.

Thus we all are interconnected with each other. We are nothing but one.

Since we are connected to the source we have infinite potential. We all are god.

All is one AND One is All.
Believe in this and you will find peace.

We are all imprisoned in an illusion (The materialistic world).

We all should wake up and free ourselves from the serfdom of this physical world .

It does not matter if one is an indigo or not.
All those who understand these should try to take more and more people in the path of truth.

Religions and nations does not matter. This things only divides us. (no religions are fully correct. I was ounce a hindu. Then I became Interested in Christianity and now I came to the conclusion that though Christianity is the most logical religion but still it has only 20% fact. Religions are corrupted By humans. All relgions may be used to one and pure at a certain time but humans divided everything and corrupted all the things)

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«  » by Jishnu Ray Chowdhury
Other People are too different from us in respect of thoughts. We often have to hide our true personality to others. (I EVEN HIDE MY PERSONALITY FROM MY MOTHER. I am an Indian and Indians dont know anything about indigos. My mother is in a totally wrong track. I tried to make her understand but it is hard. Whom would she believe all the other millions of indians or a small boy saying something that is too far fetched for her? MAYBE SHE WILL SERIOUSLY TAKE ME AS A LUNATIC IF I SAY THE TRUTH. it is hard being an Indian.) May be thats why you do not feel any emotional bond with others.
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«  » by leavingterra
Guten Tag, Alex!
Maybe people are calling you an Indigo because they see something you just haven't recognized in yourself yet. I believe being an Indigo/Crystal/Octarine is more about spiritual vibrations than personality....just how I see it. Maybe they are catching the "vibe" from you. You may not recognize it because you are the source of the vibration.....not seeing the forest because of the trees.
It can be hard to relate to people who aren't spiritually "awake" yet. They just can't relate until they wake up and it's sometimes hard to relate to them because their worlds can seem a little....shallow.
You're young yet, though. Don't feel like you have to take it all in at once. The answers will come to you if you look for them and are ready to see them for the truth.
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«  » by Wakanda
Hey Alex,

Your situation is a lot like mine, actually. I'm 18, and logic and reason was the only thing that appealed to me before I became more spiritual. I know at first the term indigo is weird or "spooky", but if you're looking for more information, I suggest following the term back to its source. Perhaps if you took a look at the book, "The Indigo Children", by Lee Caroll, it might provide some clarification.

Being an indigo is not necessarily about psychic abilities, auras, or anything "woo woo". It just means that there's a reason that you may feel different from everyone else. I doesn't make anyone more special than anyone else, it just means that perhaps if you decide to take a spiritual path, you will be better equipped to find what you are looking for. I don't really provide a good explanation for it, but I think the book would.

Don't you feel like you're searching for something? You may not know what it is, but for something better, something more? That's how I feel. I agree with you completely about how "I fear the fact of doing the exact same thing, every day, for 30 years. Rather I would jump off a bridge." That is exactly me. I reject my culture's plan for my life that says: "you are going to go to school, get a boring job in an office for the rest of your life, get married, have kids, and then die." I want something different.

It's weird how much you sound like me. You say that you are popular in school despite it being "hard for me to interact with people." I can't interact at all with people, there's hardly anyone of like mind that I can talk to at school so I end up being the outcast. In fact, I was so sick of it that I dropped traditional school all together and opted for online school. Its better I guess, but I hardly see anyone but my Mom anymore, so that's its own problem.

I used to get depressive as well, but It got better once I found a spiritual path. I think it may be a road to that thing I was searching for.

I hope you find your own solution as well.


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«  » by franceschaM
What do you think you are, is who you are right now. Just be yourself.
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