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I was somewhere, not sure where. Then I was with someone that was upset. I don't want to give many details, but if this was you, please talk to me somehow. I don't have enough posts to send/receive pms.

I've thought about this all day, my phone is wonky and I've had problems logging in. We were upset with each other. Please talk to me, not at me in dreams. It's like trying to understand fog. Please. Your pain, creates more pain, confusion in me.
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details maybe b/c there might be a very large number of upset people here....are you sure its not your guide or something else.
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by sshenry
It sounds as if you are very open to energy. Just because you felt their energy does not necessarily mean that it was directed at you - you may just be picking up on someone's anger etc. I know I've had this problem myself in the past. If you are concerned with not being inundated by negative energy while you sleep, try encasing yourself in a white light protection field (bubble) before you sleep. This will keep negative energy at bay while you sleep. If the negative energy IS being sent to you directly, if they can't get through while you sleep, perhaps they will contact you directly :)
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