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Between-lives implant «  » by decodeq

(from Elron's research)

Of all the nasty, mean and vicious implants that have ever been invented, this one is it. And has been going on for thousands of years. It's the most complete memory wipeout system and the biggest bunch of lies that anybody ever had anything to do with.

…In other words, they give you the wrong death. That's the way it begins. Now, you move up to a point called the year zero. And thank God they've got a year zero, because you can always date the incident by dating the year zero, because there is no year zero on your time track. So, when you want to look -- take one of these incidents apart for dating, always look for a hole, Look for a hole in the incident, you see, and you'll find something like, well there's a year zero there. Well, good -- date the year zero. For God's sakes don't date the incident! And I'll show you why in just a moment.

… Because they give you a future history of your life: This is going to be your life. Television program "This Is Your Life" has no bearing on the thing at all, but I often wondered why I could never bear the stinking program. But this is "This Will BeYour Life." And they now give you from the year zero, which they communicate to you as the year zero -- this is given in another room. This is given in a room alongside --another chamber. See, your first fifteen-day period, that all finishes up, see -- alleged fifteen days, see?

Then you go to the year zero, and this is a great big room -- great big room. And this screen is a whitish colored screen -- surround -- a whitish surround to a copper grid. This copper grid is many feet long. I wouldn't -- haven't tape measured it; didn't have a tape measure! I'm not really up there very high yet, I can't carry things around with me.

Anyway, it's -- oh, I don't know -- at a guess, seventy-five feet, hundred and twenty-five feet, hundred and fifty feet, something like that, copper grid. And it's very long and high, but it's much narrower than it is long, don't you see? Be on the order of about three feet high and seventy-five feet long, or five feet high and a hundred and fifty feet long, something of that sort, you see.

And this has some compulsive effect upon the thetan, and the whole thing is to make him make pictures. And they don't show you your future life at all. They show you your -- what happened to you at the year zero, at the time you entered the universe. Now it so happens that there are a lot of incidents where people have told you you entered the universe, and some happened not so long ago and some happened a long time ago. And there can be such a thing as a guard room or something like that, and there's a bunch of angels sitting around in the guard room and you walk in in a doll body -- at the beginning of the universe, you walk in in a doll body, you see? Slight discrepancy there.

You're madly out of valence, you see. That's you over there. But it's a facsimile of some kind or another. And the year zero usually takes one of these facsimiles Now, there isn't really a picture in the whole sequence of the next section of this. There aren't any pictures, you understand, except yours. So what actually happens is from the year zero to the year one trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years in the future, you're given a compulsion to mock up your own track on this screen. And date by date by date by date by date, from the year zero forward to one trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years, you're given a compulsion to put your time track up there. And all that's very interesting.

You finally come to the second significant date, which is one trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years in the future. This is the wrong date, the wrong-date cake if there ever was any. But you actually have put your own facsimiles from your own year zero forward to that far from what you considered the year zero. Of course, this makes a scramble, too. But they're just your own pictures. Remember, there wasn't a single picture in the whole thing except what you put there. But what did you put up there?

Man, you put up the early implants -- you put up the Glade, the Bear, the Gorilla, the Helatrobus Implants. You put up the whole lousy lot; entrapments and everything else. And you just did that, and this was probably in the course of the next sixty days. Not fifteen minutes -- sixty days. Long time, isn't it? Sixty days of restimulation. And wrong dates.

… All right, so there's this middle period. That's in the main room, the middle period. And how a thetan is moved through there I don't know yet. I think he must be moved there -- through there on a very slow endless belt proposition. Very slowly. Fantastic slow speed! Because he spends sixty days going past this cotton-picking screen, see? It's not that big. Putting his pictures on it. … You scan somebody through that sequence and what are you scanning him through? You're scanning him through the misdated Helatrobus Implants. You're scanning him through anything and everything that you can think of, all misdated.

…Now we get to the third sequence. And this is far more interesting because they furnish all the pictures, which I think is very sweet of them. They don't now try to pick up any pictures. They throw you, usually -- nearly always the same sequence. This is a very, very stable sequence. It's a bunch of pictures, and they have some -- there's a -- they use a wavelength communication system, by the way. [Psychotronics] Thought-concept wavelength communication system is all I can make out of it. Not words. But you do hear some sound, and part of it is a baby crying, and they show you picking up a body and so forth. And then they show you departing. And of course you depart and then you get another picture of departing and you get another picture of departing, so you really never get out of that one either, see.

And then they show you a picture of being sent directly down to Earth and channeled straight into the body of a newborn baby. I think it's awfully nice. And you even hear the baby cry. I think that's good. That's good, it's very clever. And part of this -- and all through this thing, you've got a false emotion of "We're just good Joes and we're doing our best for you." And you get the feeling, "Well, we've..." I can imagine -- there's one thought concept in there which is terribly interesting, which I imagine you girls have occasionally been startled at, which is "We've treated you like a gentleman. Remember, we've treated you like a gentleman."

… 'll bet that you'll occasionally get a pc who will say, "Well, they treated me well. I couldn't get along without this." You know, that sort of thing. Because that's the prevailing emotion. No anger, there's nothing there. The light touch, see. The most effective possible touch.

… Anyway, you then see a picture of yourself separating from this planet. And how they explain that I don't know, but it's sort of -- it's just thrown in for good measure because it said so on the blueprint, I suppose. You've already been sent to Earth, you see, in a -- the thing is kind of mixed up. And you even get a picture of yourself being scooted across a desert on Earth with yucca trees down under you and that sort of thing. And there you are. You're on your way and you're going down to pick up this baby and everything is fine.

… finally winds up with what actually happens to you: you're simply capsuled and dumped in the gulf of lower California. Splash! To hell with you. And you're on your own, man. And if you can get out of that and through that and wander around through the cities and find some girl who looks like she's going to get married or have a baby or something like that, you're all set. And if you can find a maternity ward to a hospital or something, you're okay. And you just eventually just pick up a baby. You're strictly on your own, man. In a state of total amnesia and gahh! Having been lied to to this degree with your track all scrambled, see.

… Well, in this sequence you're given a compulsion that the next time you die you must appear on the landing stage. And that's it. That's the whole ruddy, lousy, cotton-picking lot. This is an interesting – an interesting thing, because this is the most vicious engram I have ever seen set up. To scan through that thing is asking you to scan through a restimulation of a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years of your own time track. Just asking you to do it like -- just like that, see. "Oh, that's all right, just scan through it, you know. Ho-ho!" Can't do it, man

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