Happy to have found this site

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, we're all friendly here.
Hi everyone! I am 33 years old, i've pretty much always known that i was an indigo but was always around people who thought i was crazy! So i am very happy to have found a site where I can talk about my expirences without getting that look (i am sure some of you can relate). I have 2 wonderful children, my son (also an indigo) who is 10 and an 8 year old girl (she's a crystalin). I have been a master Reiki since the age of 24 and my daughter loves participating whenever i am doing one!

I will defently post more about the wonderful things my kids expirence and also the difficulties they go through. It is not always easy to raise indigo and crystalin children and i hope more parents will participate in this so we can help each other and sometimes we just need to blow off some steam! lol

Oh! and we are a french canadien family so pleas don't mind the spelling, am not always sure how to write certain words in english

Can't wait to share and learn about this society

Blessed be!!!
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Hi Yuna :) welcome to the forum
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Hi Yuna, there are several parents of Indigos/Crystals here, from what I have seen so far. Everybody is very nice. Welcome to IS :) Very nice to meet you :)
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Hi Yuna, Welcome to IS.

May god and universe always bless your way.
Let's spread love and light, be in harmony and beauty :)
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by Abigail
Merry meet Yuna!
Welcome to IS!
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Welcome to iS Yuna, Reiki wow sounds ace, I had that once & then I quit smoking when I wasn't even planning on but glad I did lol, anyway I'm chel, nice to meet you :)

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by Yuna
Thanks everyone, glad to meet you all and hoping to get to know you all!
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