Confused about this dream, but if it is what I think it is, it's probably why spirits are able to communicate with me, in waking and a lot more in dream state.

A good interpretation would clear everything up

First time I had a dream about this type of thing, I appeared standing in a bedroom out of nowhere with the lights off, there were 2 beds in there, kinda like beds kids would have, and the door was on my side, It was like I was moving into the room slowly, then I saw maybe 2 or 3 candle lights with something in the center, maybe incense, they were placed on the bed on the right, and I realized the candles had to be placed in a symbolic position at the foot of the bed where I was standing, then I looked over to the left bed and I think I saw a bowl of what seemed to be.....water???...holy water.

Ohh...guys hers the creepy part of the story, ok then I start waving my hand around over the bed and in ever direction in the room, maybe throwing holy water, or incense or something, as I was doing that, I begin to hear a very creepy voice out of nowhere growling. this is how I will describe how it sound, say the letter "A" and draw it out "Aaaaaaaaaaa" using the throat. That is how it would sound.

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When i heard that noise, I was wide awake then, alert in all direction and i heard the noise moving jet fast across the room, pass me, heading for the door, that I had open just alittle bit so that light would shine in, and what shocked me the most was that as I quickly turned my head for the door, the door opened up wider on its own. So I'm thinking what ever was in that from, I must of pissed it off, because it ran out of the room into the hall, I was the only one in that room, in the dark, I was courageous to do that. My last encounter I was saved by a divine light that over shadowed the dark force that had traped me.